We were oblivious to the dining experience offered at Tasmania Golf Club until just recently. As we mentioned in our article about Rosny Park Public Golf Course, one of the juniors joined a “Get into Golf Clinic” with the Barilla Bay course professional, Nick White. That left us free to sample the restaurant fare and admire the views!

Restaurant Classics: Tasmania Golf Club

We were given the best table in the house; huge windows look out to Barilla Bay from the sizeable restaurant. Appropriately for lunch at Tasmania Golf Club, I ordered the Eagles Nest Sanga. The steak sandwich came packed with cheese, tomato, pineapple, fried egg and salad with nicely seasoned chips and even more salad on the side. Gavin ordered a steak from the specials board and was deliriously happy with the offering.

Tasmania Golf Club - Steak Sandwich

Steak sandwich: Eagles Nest Sanga

Tasmania Golf Club - Steak

Steak: sweet potato mash, broccolini

Dessert: The Slice You Do Want

The dessert menu weakened our resolve to lunch lightly; we were completely unable to resist temptation. The “Chocolate Lovers Tasting Plate” was so decadent… white chocolate mousse and chocolate fondant with chocolate brownie rounding out the trio. We’ve learnt in our travels that chocolate fondant must be hard to perfect, as we’ve had some overcooked, rubbery shockers just lately. The version from Tasmania Golf Club was brilliant though, and has set the benchmark ever-so high for future comparison. The Vanilla Chai Creme Brulee also caught our eye, and it too sits at the top of the creme brulee tasting stakes. It was sweet and light and creamy… someone stop me now!

Tasmania Golf Club - Chocolate Fondant

Chocolate Lovers Tasting Plate

Tasmania Golf Club - Creme Brulee

Vanilla Chai Creme Brulee

The budding golfers finished their lesson in a light shower of rain, just to ensure the whole experience was authentic. They seemed rather disappointed that we’d finished lunching when they found us in the restaurant, especially when we lovingly shared… the details! We’ll be back to Tasmania Golf Club though, with or without more golf lessons.

Tasmania Golf Club - Rain!

Sprinkle of rain: Tasmania Golf Club

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