Forestry Tasmania operate Tasmanian Adventure Forest experiences. One of them is located in the beautiful Huon Valley. There’s lots of reasons to visit this area, but the Tahune AirWalk and the Huon River are definitely highlights.

Tasmanian Adventure - Huon Valley Forest

Forest, rivers and wildlife: Tasmanian adventure

Tasmanian Adventure: Back to Nature

Like most Tasmanian adventures, you can follow the tourist drive straight to the major attraction. Or the trip can incorporate other experiences enroute.

The township of Geeveston acts as a gateway to southern Tasmanian adventures and has a certain rugged appeal. And if you like bush-walking, you can venture into the Arve Loop Forest Reserve for an easy walk to Lake Osborne or the Arve Falls. The entrance is between Geeveston and the Tahune AirWalk.

Tasmanian Adventure - Arve Falls, Tahune Forest Reserve

Arve Falls: Tahune Forest Reserve

Forest Walks

Trees, birds, waterways, wildlife and all manner of vegetation flourish in the south. There’s a range of walking options to accommodate all fitness levels. But no matter the exertion level, finding something interesting and unexpected is always a possibility on a Tasmanian adventure to the great outdoors.

Tasmanian Adventure Forest: Swinging Bridges

Add a little excitement to your bush-walking with a trip over the swinging bridges. Suspended over the Huon and Picton Rivers, the bridges are part of McKay’s Track in the Tahune Forest Reserve. Following the river banks, and then crossing as the water rushes below, is pretty exhilarating.

Tasmanian Adventure - Swinging Bridges

Tasmanian adventure: swinging bridges, Huon River

Tahune AirWalk

The feature of the area is the Tahune AirWalk: a solid steel walkway, suspended in the canopy of the trees. Boasting stunning panoramic views, you are surrounded by tall trees that include leatherwood, eucalypts and the famous Huon pines. You can also see Hartz Mountains National Park (Tasmanian World Heritage area).

A steel arm stretches out from the main walkway towards the junction of the Huon and Picton Rivers. Not for the faint-hearted, the cantilever is suspended almost 50 metres above ground level. We did say Tasmanian Adventure… but it all seems fairly safe. Now that I’m back on the ground, anyway!

Tasmanian Adventure - Tahune AirWalk (Forest Reserve)

Tahune AirWalk: Tasmanian adventure forest

Eagle Glide Hang Gliding

Want more from your Tasmanian adventure? How about a spot of cable hang gliding with Eagle Glide Hang Gliding then? We had several takers in our party and they all managed big smiles before, during and after the experience. I was not one of them. Well, someone had to take the photos!

Friend of the Tasmanian Adventure Forest

A family ticket to the Tahune AirWalk cost about $50 at the time of writing. Since our last visit, we’ve discovered you can become a Friend of the Forest. This entitles you to take your (paying) interstate visitors along and receive a discount yourself. A very clever way of Forestry Tasmania encouraging return visits. But when they’re offering a Tasmanian adventure of this quality, I think it’s a win for everyone.


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