I have been following recent activity on Think Tasmania’s Facebook page regarding the best Tasmanian beaches. From the responses, it would appear that Boat Harbour is the most popular and I must agree it has enormous appeal to those that visit. It is a sheltered beach, with white sand and blue or green sea depending on conditions.

Tasmanian Beach - Boat Harbour Beach

Boat Harbour Beach, north west Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

My Favourite Tasmanian Beach

by Roger Findlay

I would love to own one of the few homes that line the front of Boat Harbour Beach. I could walk down a few steps onto the beach in the morning and then enjoy the view from my balcony in the afternoon. Maybe I’d get a small boat and a telescope for the upper level. You’re dreaming Roger. Get real!

Tasmanian Beach - Boat Harbour

Boat Harbour Beach: (photo by Roger Findlay)

I have figured that there isn’t a perfect beach for every taste. It will depend on what you intend to do. Do you want to swim, walk, fly a kite, sunbathe or peer into rock pools? Are you a dog walker, shell collector, para sailor or surfer? Now you know what I mean.

Tasmanian Beach: Exemplary East Coast

For me, walking along the beach from Douglas River towards Bicheno is as good as it gets. I can walk for miles and the sand is always clean.

Tasmanian Beach - Douglas River

Douglas River: Roger Findlay (photo supplied)

The Porches intrigue me. Over the years the sea has eroded the hard sand into unusual formations and I often wonder whether they have Aboriginal significance.

Tasmanian Beach - The Porches, via Bicheno

The Porches: Tasmanian beach (photo by Roger Findlay)

Tasmanian Beach - East Coast

The Porches (photo by Roger Findlay)

When Gavin and I walked the beaches of the Bay of Fires we agreed that some of the best beaches would have been impossible to access without walking in through dunes and dense scrub. Even then you would have to be familiar with the access points. For this reason, it would be most impractical for a day out with the kids when you have to cart chairs, Esky’s, beach balls and inflatables.

Tasmanian Beach - Bay of Fires

Tasmanian Beach: Bay of Fires (photo by Dan Fellow)

Wineglass Bay has to be the most photographed seascape. The view and the beach are magnificent. Some say it’s the best in the world but I’ve lived in Cape Town and know that Camps Bay and Clifton would rival it for beauty.

North, South, East and… West Coast

The west coast is an area I need to visit especially the Strahan area. I’ve been on a beach at Strahan but it’s now a distant memory. I apologise for my lack of knowledge of the west coast version of Tasmanian beaches.

Tasmanian Beach - Ocean Beach at Sunset

West Coast Tasmania: Ocean Beach (photo by Dan Fellow)

Stanley has a good one in the north west but I couldn’t imagine spending too long on the wind swept beaches of Arthur River, Temma or Trial Harbour! Cockle Creek has a nice beach down south and there are some beauties on Bruny Island too.

Good beaches can be found on both Flinders and King. Flinders Island boasts the pick but King Island has spectacular rugged coastline much the same as the top parts of western Tasmania.

Tasmanian Beach - Cameron's Inlet, Flinders Island

Cameron’s Inlet, Flinders Island (photo by Roger Findlay)

Mystery Tasmanian Beach

On my last visit, I came across a Tasmanian beach that appealed to me as much as any I’ve seen. It was partially hidden from the road but the car park had signage. To access the beach I had to walk about two hundred metres, downhill, on an overgrown but distinguishable path.

Tasmanian Beach - Mystery Location

Mystery Tasmanian beach (photo by Roger Findlay)

In fact, there were two beaches in sheltered coves with wonderfully marked rock forms scattered on the sand. Footprints! Man had been before; but on this occasion I was the sole occupant. On a summer day there would be people but not crowds as the walk would be too much effort for some.

Tasmanian Beach - Where am I?

Tasmanian beach (photo by Roger Findlay)

I like this beach because of the scenery, shelter, sand, calm sea, rock pools and the limited access. I wouldn’t fish, sunbathe, paint or fly a kite but I might reflect, soul search, paddle or simply enjoy the magnificent surrounds.

Tasmanian Beach - Surprise

Tasmanian beach… to be revealed (photo by Roger Findlay)

Tasmanian Beach Prize Giveaway: Just For Fun!

I would love to know if someone can identify this Tasmanian beach from my photos and description. In fact, I so love to play “where am I” games like this, I’m willing to offer a $25 Coles Myer voucher as an incentive for readers to leave a comment. Everyone who leaves a reply will be entered into a random draw… but it will be interesting to see who (if anyone) can correctly name the mystery Tasmanian beach.

Tasmanian Beach - Secret Location

Secret location: Tasmanian beach (photo by Roger Findlay)

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