For this week’s Think Tasmania competition, we have something really exciting to offer… nothing new there! However, the giveaway has a slightly different format this time around. Usually we give just one lucky reader the chance to win a prize. Today we have not one, but 25 bars of Tasmanian Beer Shampoo up for grabs, courtesy of Beauty and the Bees.

Tasmanian Beer Shampoo - Bar

Tasmanian Beer Shampoo (photo supplied)

WIN: Tasmanian Beer Shampoo

We met Jill, the delightful and vivacious owner of Beauty and the Bees at the opening of Sandy Bay Chalet last week. That was our first face-to-face meeting anyway, after much online chatting. Jill is a woman ahead of her time in the skincare world. She’s been making products from scratch using locally-sourced natural ingredients for 17 years. With a substantial range to choose from, the Tasmanian Beer Shampoo bars have consistently proven a winner with loyal customers. Mike and Ashi Edwards (from Sandy Bay Natural Therapies) swear by it, refusing to use anything else.

The Tasmanian Beer Shampoo is suitable for everyone but perfect for people with dandruff, oily hair and scalp, fine or thin hair or those who want shiny healthy hair without using chemicals. It’s handmade, rich in plant and nut oils, hops and conditioning beer. To clean hair thoroughly and gently, simply rub the chemical-free solid shampoo bar through wet hair and lather as you would with a regular, liquid-based product. Beer has been famed for generations for its ability to leave hair bouncy, shiny and full of body. The Tasmanian Beer Shampoo bar from Beauty and the Bees is made using beer brewed locally and naturally by small breweries.

Tasmanian Beer Shampoo - Bars for Sale at Centrepoint

Tasmanian Beer Shampoo

Beauty and the Bees offer online shopping so their customers can purchase products from the comfort of home and have them delivered straight to the front door. You can also visit a retail outlet, located next to the ABC shop in the Centrepoint shopping centre (Murray Street, Hobart). A single Tasmanian Beer Shampoo retails online for $11-50 (the same bar sells for $11-95 at the Centrepoint shop). And a word to the wise… the shop isn’t open on Sundays. We ran in for a lightning visit yesterday between the family’s usual weekend sporting commitments. One of the crash-test-dummies has just started complaining about dandruff… a signal to start using Tasmanian Beer Shampoo! But never fear, we won’t be deterred. We WILL return to Centrepoint another day, and meet up with store manager Lani for a spot of shopping. Then we’ll share the results of our own, personal research with all our readers.

Tasmanian Beer Shampoo - Centrepoint, Hobart

Centrepoint Hobart

Cheers to Caring and Sharing

Jill has been very generous, providing Think Tasmania readers with 25 individual prizes (total value at least $287-50). We’d ask you then, as a mark of respect AND to keep the competition momentum going, to share this article with your friends, family and colleagues. Just scroll down and use one of the simple “share” options provided. If you’re a Facebook user (and we understand social media is not everyone’s cup of tea) please like and share the Beauty and the Bees page with your network too.

At the conclusion of the random draw, the 25 bars of Tasmanian Beer Shampoo will be posted by Jill’s team to any address in Australia. International readers are welcome to enter the competition, if they’re happy to pay for delivery themselves. But please… don’t wait for the prize draw. Start following Beauty and the Bees via Facebook (or Twitter even). At the very least, check the online shop (or the Centrepoint store if you’re in Hobart) and note the great range of organic skincare products available.

For more information follow Beauty and the Bees on Facebook, contact Jill by email or phone 1800 688 563. The online shop has more information about all the products, including the Tasmanian Beer Shampoo bars.

As we’ve said before, the competition rules on Facebook are all too hard, so we’re going to keep this in-house. We’re also going to keep it REALLY simple. If you are subscribed to receive the free newsletter from Think Tasmania, you are eligible to enter. Apparently a random draw is still allowed in Tasmania without applying for a permit, so here’s what you need to do…

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And that’s it! This will be a random draw, so comments won’t influence the outcome. But if you’d like to leave any feedback for Jill about Beauty and the Bees, that would be really great. You could discuss your personal desire to win one of these prizes, or even Think Tasmania… we’d love to hear it all, and we’ll be closely following all the comments. We won’t reply individually because that would upset the competition app (it might award us the prize!).

Tasmanian Beer Shampoo ~ Common Sense Please?

  • Leave a comment on this post by midnight 14th October 2013 (local time). We’ll choose 25 random winners using our website’s competition app.
  • 25 Tasmanian Beer Shampoo Bars (as pictured) from Beauty and the Bees with an online retail value of $11.50 each make up the prize pool.
  • Fair and reasonable terms and conditions automatically apply. So one entry each (our app is able to detect multiple entries).
  • Please apply common sense to all aspects of this Tasmanian Beer Shampoo competition… we’d hate to disqualify someone for being silly.
  • We won’t use your email address for anything sinister, because we firmly believe in doing the right thing. Always. Don’t you?
  • We’ll announce the winner’s name here, on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also contact the winner by email, and advise Jill (the owner of Beauty and the Bees) of the competition results.

What else do we need to stipulate? Nothing? Okay… then it’s over to you. Comment away! We wish you all the very best of luck. And don’t forget, please share this Tasmanian Beer Shampoo competition with all your peeps. Besides showing a little friendly community spirit by spreading the joy, sharing will also no doubt lead to similar competitions in the future. And THAT can only be a good thing for everyone!

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