Roger wrote this article “Tasmanian Border” just as former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett suggested a merger between the two states. I’m not sure if the two men are on the same wave-length, or the timing is just a coincidence! Either way, with Tasmania being an island, you might think the border of the state is obvious. But Roger raises some interesting points about the Bass Strait islands off the “main” island off the “big” island.

Tasmanian Border - Strzelecki National Park

Strzelecki National Park: Flinders Island (photo by Dan Fellow)

Tasmanian Border

by Roger Findlay

I have just finished reading a book about the islands of Bass Strait and in that book there was a mention of the northern Tasmanian border of the state.

Tasmanian Border - Bass Strait Islands

Walkers Lookout: Flinders Island (photo by Dan Fellow)

Regular visitors to Think Tasmania will be aware that I write a lot about King Island and Flinders Island. Yes, I love them both and the friendly people that live there.

Tasmanian Border - Killiecrankie Bay, Flinders Island

Killiecrankie Bay: Flinders Island (photo by Dan Fellow)

In my dreams, I’d retire on Flinders Island. The north east region has exceptional beauty and we intend spending plenty of time there when we visit in late April. It will be shortly after the visit that Think Tasmania will share the photos and experiences with you. In the meantime, you can enjoy these photos taken by Dan Fellow.

Tasmanian Border - Flinders Island Seal

Relaxed seal: Flinders Island (photo by Dan Fellow)

The Famous Tasmanians video shows why I rave on about my favourite island

Tasmanian Border: North to South

For your information, the Tasmanian border with Victoria is at a parallel of latitude 39° 12’ and is the shortest land based border of all the Australian states by far.

Tasmanian Border - the 40th Parallel

Tasmanian Border: 40° South line (photo by Dan Fellow)

The only land the border passes over is on a six hectare islet of the Hogan Group situated just off the coast of Wilson’s Promontory. The island is now called Boundary Islet after originally being named North East Islet. North East Islet is part of the Kent Group of islands.

South East Cape near Cockle Creek is the southern-most point of Australia. Jeanette will never forget the day that I did a “moon” to celebrate the occasion of being at this coastal extremity! Cape York (the most northerly point of Australia) is 3,680kms away and I still have to “moon” there.

Roger Findlay spends all his holidays in Tasmania, then writes about the experience for Think Tasmania. If you’d like Roger to visit you in the name of research (so we can publish information about your business), please contact us.

Map: Flinders Island, Tasmania

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