We’ve just been to the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, because we have a new passion: hobby photography. We needed a place with lots of things to shoot, and the gardens turned out to be just perfect for the exercise.

Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Carousel

Carousel: Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Hobart: Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Even if you’re not into gardens and plants or hobby photography, there’s huge areas of lawn for kids to run and roll and play. The winding paths and different garden rooms provide the perfect setting for chasing and hiding. We saw the steam carousel fired up to maximum speed, although I don’t think it operates every day.

Great Hobart Location

The Sunday picnic is a popular past-time for the local Tasmanian; Botanical Gardens provide a fantastic setting on the Queens Domain overlooking the Derwent River. A short walk from Hobart’s city centre, there are tracks that lead the pedestrian to the entrance.

Hobby Photography and Indoor Options

Aside from the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Restaurant, which has a souvenir shop attached, there are several buildings to escape to in the case of inclement weather.

The Conservatory and Cactus House were our favourites and great for the hobby photography. We even managed to find some splashes of colour in the Fuchsia House, and the Japanese Garden had a lovely, sheltered gazebo with seating.

Hobby Photography: Botanical Gardens Cactus House

The Cactus House: textures for hobby photography

Fuchsia House, Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Splash of colour: Fuchsia House

Japanese: Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Japanese Bridge: Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Gardens: Changing with the Seasons

I must admit, this visit was not my first to the gardens. But somehow, last time I missed the Lily Pond with its ducks and waterfall. And it was only upon conducting a little more online research about the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens that I realised I’ll need to visit again to see the Subantarctic Plant House. I cannot believe I missed that.

Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Lily Pond

The Lily Pond: ducks and waterfalls

Almost Free Entry

Needing to re-visit is not such a huge problem. Entry is free, although I would suggest popping a donation into one of the collection boxes. It’s definitely worth a few dollars of spare change, and when you consider the history of the garden development (as displayed in Friends Cottage). A few dollars hardly does the attraction justice.

Garden Sculpture, Friends Cottage

Friends Cottage: Botanical Gardens

History of the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

History: Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Friends Cottage

Visit Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens online for more information.


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