The Tasmanian Craft Fair was wrapped up for another year by 1 November 2010. The Rotary Club is responsible for the event and has managed to raise an amazing amount of money for charity over the last three decades.

Tasmanian Craft Fair - Visitors to Deloraine, Tasmania

Deloraine: Tasmanian Craft Fair (photo supplied)

This year, the fair attracted some 30,000 visitors to Deloraine, Tasmania. Not a bad effort, and a big bonus for the tourism operators in the region.

Tasmanian Craft Fair Director

A Rotarian for many years, John Dare has directed the Deloraine Craft Fair for two of those years so far. This is what he had to say about the success of the fair.

This year was the 30th anniversary of the Tasmanian Craft Fair. Were there any new initiatives this year?

This year we had three major exhibitions (we usually have one), two international and one of indigenous art. We had a record 241 stallholders this year, and an additional venue at the Deloraine High School along with the involvement of Peppers Calstock as the venue for the official opening as well as the Central Art indigenous art exhibition.

We also introduced the Gourmet Festival this year, showcasing hand-made Tasmanian produce, which was very popular, and LAFM Kids World at Rotary Park featuring all kinds of entertainment for children of all ages.

Tasmanian Craft Fair 2010 - Deloraine

Tasmanian Craft Fair (photo supplied)

So there were 241 stallholders at Deloraine for the Tasmanian Craft Fair this year. Where do they come from and what makes them so keen to attend?

They come from all over Australia, and we have about 75 per cent Tasmanian stallholders. They recognise this is the biggest working Craft Fair in the Southern Hemisphere, and with about 30,000 visitors over four days it is a fantastic opportunity to showcase and sell their craft.

The Rotary Club has raised $2 million dollars over the last 29 years. What projects are going to benefit from the Tasmanian Craft Fair this year?

We are still looking at where our money is most needed. Craft Fair funds go to a variety of local, national and international Rotary projects throughout the year.

2011 is already being promoted as bigger and better. When will it be held and how could the next Tasmanian Craft Fair possibly improve?

The dates for 2011 are November 4-7. We have already had huge interest from stallholders (the 2010 event had a waiting list of about 50) and will be using more national and digital marketing and publicity to attract visitors from all over Australia. Also, we conducted extensive surveys of our patrons and stallholders this year, and will use their feedback to further enhance the event.

For more information visit Tasmanian Craft Fair online. Information and photos supplied to Think Tasmania by the organisers of Tasmanian Craft Fair.


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