Brian Nichols is the president of the Tasmanian Devils Club in Brisbane. He contacted Think Tasmania recently, asking us to spread the word about their unique association, where club members and guests gather to talk all things Tasmanian. We think it’s a fabulous idea, and we’re more than happy to support the long-running initiative. Here’s what Brian had to say…

Having recently subscribed I would like to congratulate you and the team for the great newsletter. I read with interest about Devils Gullet, and Furneaux Freight, all new to me yet I was born in Tassie. Been a Queenslander for 28 years but had frequent trips back home. Planning for a visit in Feb next year and will certainly follow up some of your locations, and look for more in future issues.

I have been involved with the Tasmanian Devils Club here in Brisbane since 1984 and was recently voted in as President for the third time. One of my aims is to increase our association with the “homeland”. We have members visiting Tassie frequently and have regular reports from those people and families still in Tassie. I will use the newsletter for updates at each monthly meeting. We love to have Tasmanian visitors join with us at our meetings I have attached a story about us and an image of Richard Hood VP, Brian Nichols President and John Scott Secretary. Hope you can print our story and spread the news around Tassie and beyond.

Regards Brian Nichols

President & PR Officer Tasmanian Devils Club Brisbane

Tasmanian Devils Club - Officials

Tasmanian Devils Club

Tasmanian Devils Club Brisbane

The Tasmanian Devils Club is a group of ex-Tasmanians who get together regularly for a social occasion and a chat about their former home state. Most members live in the Brisbane area, but many reside on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. The Tassie Devils normally meet for lunch on the third Friday of the month, but also host barbecues and evening functions occasionally. They endeavour to have at least one event outside Brisbane to cater for all members.

A meeting on the Gold Coast is currently planned. Not only will this get coastal members together but capitalize on the many Tasmanians holidaying on the coast. Brisbane meetings are held at the Norman Hotel south of the city.

The club is the only one of its type operating in Australia and did celebrate its 30th anniversary last year. The club began as a “gentlemen’s club” with male members only, but in these enlightened times now welcomes women as members. The club is fairly informal, but has much camaraderie among the diversity of members. Fun and frivolity is most important.

Visitors from Tasmania and former Tasmanians now living in South East Queensland are most welcome to attend club functions and join the club. Visitors hear about us from family in Tasmania and friends who have attended a meeting while holidaying in our state. Always keen to hear news from Tasmania, guest speakers are encouraged as are reports from members who have visited “home.”

The Tassie Devils has a Golf Club that plays regularly on courses around South East Queensland.

Tasmanian Devils Club - Brisbane Queensland

Tasmanian Devils Club: Brisbane (photos by Chrissy Booth)

If you wish to join the Tassie Devils or for further information contact John Scott 0418 719 801 or Brian Nichols 0419 717 354 or visit the Tasmanian Devils Club website.

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