Who doesn’t love a little Tasmanian fudge? We told you there was one more Sheffield business offering a surprise to Think Tasmania readers this week, didn’t we? And we could just sense that you all wanted that business to be Fudge n Good Coffee… and it is! So that’s confirmed then: it truly is almost Christmas.

Tasmanian Fudge - Sheffield

Sample Tasmanian fudge (photo supplied)

Who’d Like Tasmanian Fudge?

Chris and Rini Puccetti, the owners of Gallery Tasmania and Fudge n Good Coffee would like to say thanks to everyone for the lovely feedback following the article we published about their Tasmanian fudge. They are doing that in grand style, by offering two six-packs of their wonderful fudge as a prize for one lucky reader.

Tasmanian Fudge - Good Coffee, Gallery Tasmania

Sheffield: Fudge n Good Coffee (photo supplied)

When you combine the Tasmanian fudge giveaway with the other prizes on offer from Eagles Nest Retreat and the World of Marbles this week, we’re sure you’ll agree that the business owners in Sheffield are some of the most generous in the state. They’re clearly proud of their work and looking to share the great products and services available in their town with everyone.

The giveaway prize on offer this time is a dozen pieces of Tasmanian fudge. The flavours will be personally selected for the winner from the great range of favourites at Fudge n Good Coffee, and we believe Chris when he says there are no wrong choices. Each six-pack is “worth its weight in gold” according to Chris! But when pressed for a firm monetary value for the prize, he tells us that $40 is the right price. Talk about another fabulous Christmas present.

Christmas Eve Excitement for the Winner

As we’ve said before, the competition rules on Facebook are all too mind-boggling, so we’re going to keep this in-house. We’re also going to keep it REALLY simple. If you are subscribed to receive the free newsletter from Think Tasmania, you are eligible to enter. Apparently a random draw is still allowed in Tasmania without applying for a permit, so here’s what you need to do…

Step 1 – be a subscriber to the FREE newsletter from Think Tasmania*

Step 2 – leave a reply at the bottom of this article.

And that’s it! Of course if you’d like to follow Fudge n Good Coffee on Facebook and keep Gallery Tasmania in mind for future purchases, that would be a good idea too. Chris and Rini are giving you the chance to win something totally delicious, after all. And here’s a little insider tip: Chris and Rini have some beautiful red Christmas boxes in stock ready to fill with your own selection of fresh Tasmanian fudge. Could there be a simpler present idea? For $20, that’s Grandma sorted, and the next door neighbour, and all the school teachers, and…

Random Prize Draw

This will be a random draw, so comments won’t influence the outcome. But if you’d like to leave any feedback about Fudge n Good Coffee, or Sheffield, or your personal desire to win this Tasmanian fudge, or even Think Tasmania… we’d love to hear it. We’ll all be closely following the progress of the giveaway.

And of course, Christmas is all about sharing and caring, so please get into the spirit of the festive season and spread the word about this giveaway. Imagine if one of your friends were to win through your actions… they might even share the Tasmanian fudge with you!

For more information visit the Fudge n Good Coffee website or phone (03) 6491 1383. You can visit in person at 47 Main Street, Sheffield

Tasmanian Fudge Giveaway ~ Common Sense Please?

  • Leave a comment on this post by 24 December 2012. We’ll choose a random winner using our website’s giveaway app.
  • The duo of six-packs with assorted Tasmanian fudge as selected by Chris and Rini Puccetti (valued at $40) is the one and only prize.
  • Fair and reasonable terms and conditions automatically apply. So one entry each (our app is able to detect multiple entries).
  • Please apply common sense to all aspects of this giveaway… we’d hate to disqualify someone for being silly.
  • We won’t use your email address for anything sinister, because we firmly believe in doing the right thing. Always. Don’t you?
  • We’ll announce the winner’s name here,  on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also contact the winner by email, and advise Fudge n Good Coffee.
  • The delivery or collection of the Tasmanian fudge will be arranged by Chris and Rini straight from Fudge n Good Coffee in Sheffield.
  • If you have any questions or you’d like to place an order of your own, please contact Fudge n Good Coffee by email directly.

What else do we need to stipulate? Nothing? Okay… then it’s over to you. Comment away! We wish you all the very best of luck. And if you’d be kind enough to share this Tasmanian fudge giveaway opportunity with all your peeps, we’d be extremely happy. Besides showing a little Christmas spirit by spreading the joy, sharing will also no doubt lead to similar giveaway opportunities in the future. And THAT can only be a good thing for everyone!!

*We ask that you subscribe to Think Tasmania for these giveaway opportunities for several reasons. Of course we’d prefer any prizes go to dedicated followers; and we need to make sure we can contact the winners. What makes it to the newsfeed of Facebook is a bit random, and not everyone even uses social media. Most people can receive an email however, so that’s our sure-fire way of reaching everyone. And finally, we like to share all the great things on offer in Tasmania with as many interested readers as possible – that’s our mission!

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