It’s May! And we all know what May means… Mother’s Day. Did you think we were going to say autumn? No, we think May means Mothers Day. The chief present-buyer in the majority of households will be on the receiving end for a change. So we thought it was time to give you some gift ideas. Aren’t we nice?

Gift Ideas - Mothers Day... May in Tasmania

Autumn in Tasmania (photo by Carol Haberle)

Gift Ideas from Think Tasmania

We’re going to keep this article short and sweet. If we give you too many options, you’ll just be confused and back where you started. Besides, you can always search Think Tasmania for shopping ideas to browse unique Tasmanian goodies.

If a Sunday lunch is more your style, you can also find inspiration in the eating and drinking department. Or if Daddy wants to take Mummy away from the kids for a night of indulgence, then we have that covered in our accommodation reviews.

Gift Ideas - Woodbridge Hill Hideaway

Woodbridge Hill Hideaway (photo by Carol Haberle)

For now, let’s just stick with these five gift ideas to keep things simple.

Gift Ideas ~ No 1: Sweets

If your Mum loves candy, then we know just the thing to satisfy her craving. George and Sharon from Sweet-As sell their Tasmanian hand-made rock candy practically every week at Salamanca Market. They update the Sweet-As Rock Candy Facebook page with the exact weekly location, so you can find them easily.

As a general rule, their site is usually near St Davids Park on Salamanca Place between the court house and Davey Street. Grab four boxes for $20, wrap them together in cellophane with a pretty ribbon and you’re good to go.

Candy - Sweet-As Sweets

Sweet-As rock candy

Gift Ideas ~ No 2: Jewellery

One of our all-time favourite Tasmanian jewellery makers is Jasmine Shepherd from Adore U. Her unique, handmade jewellery is sold in upmarket retail outlets around Tasmania, as well as online. Jasmine is a dream to deal with, and would be a great help with gift ideas. Check out all the pretties on the Adore U Facebook page.

Gift Ideas - Adore U Jewellery

Adore U (photo supplied)

Donna Griggs also works in this genre. The award-winning Seaside Expressions brand received rave reviews from Think Tasmania readers. There’s something gorgeous to suit every Mum, with the stunning range of colours used in Seaside Expressions Jewellery mixed by Donna herself. Beautiful Tasmanian surrounds inspire Donna’s creativity; she makes small collections and one-off original pieces.

Gift Ideas - Seaside Expressions Jewellery

Seaside Expressions Jewellery (photo supplied)

Gift Ideas ~ No 3: Soaps

This may just be the most traditional of all gift ideas for Mother’s Day. If you do choose this option, at least make your present a luxurious one, like Blue Rocks Soaps and Essentials. From natural ingredients, Blue Rocks Soap is handmade by Kath Dallas on Flinders Island. It’s perfumed, textured and coloured with pure essential oils, honey, seaweed, oatmeal and home grown herbs to make it unique. Sounds good enough to eat.

Gift Ideas - Blue Rocks Soap

Blue Rocks Soap (photo by Roger Findlay)

Gift Ideas ~ No 4: Softies

If your Mum likes to contribute to a good cause, she’ll love her very own Tasmanian Softie. 10% of profits from the sale of Tassie Devils go towards the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program.  At the outset, Angela Wilson and her daughter were hoping to raise an additional $500.00 to sponsor a Tasmanian Devil. As gift ideas go, this one tops the cute and cuddly list.

Gift Ideas - Tassie Devils

Tasmanian Softies (photo supplied)

Gift Ideas ~ No 5: Ceramics

Tasmanian artists from CLAYmates have combined forces in their work with ceramics. Convict-themed rabbits have been produced in a limited edition series, and come with a certificate of authenticity. That’s very appropriate for a Tasmanian gift.

Limit gift ideas to just five from the 700 articles we’ve published… difficult. We only write about quality business owners, so anyone you’ve seen featured on the website is worthy of mention, without doubt. These are just some of the great local products the Think Tasmania online shopping section will feature. The shop will be commission-free; purely a service to help all our readers connect with all things Tasmanian.