The Tasmanian Micro Brew Fest is organised by Tasmanian Polytechnic Drysdale students on behalf of the Tasmanian Association of Micro Brewing Inc (TAMI).

Tasmanian Micro Beer Fest - Sample Boutique Beers

Tasmanian Micro Beer Fest (photo supplied)

The second annual Tasmanian Micro Brew Fest will showcase products from the Tasmanian micro brewery industry by bringing the community together to raise awareness, education and appreciation of our boutique beer and cider.

It will showcase products from the following breweries

The general public will also have the chance to sample and purchase Tasmanian made boutique beers and ciders. The first Micro Brew Fest last year was a huge success; 400 people attended and 96% of those said they would attend the next Tasmanian Micro Brew Fest. This year we are aiming for 500 attendees.

Any profit raised from this event will be used by next year’s students to organise and improve the Tasmanian Micro Brew Fest for future years because TAMI is a not-for-profit organisation. The Tasmanian Micro Brew Fest is also a major component of our studies at Drysdale and allows us to achieve our Advanced Diploma of Tourism Management.

This event is only in its second year and has a wonderful potential to attract craft beer and cider lovers from interstate. We have already received interest from interstate for this unique event. The Tasmanian Beer Fest was actually started by Advance Diploma students in 2006, who continued to work independently, and is now a major event on the Tasmanian events calendar.

Venue: Wharf Apron (next to Princes Wharf Shed 1)
Date: Saturday 29th October 2011
Entry fee: $8 entry includes 5 tasting tokens
For more information, please contact Tasmanian Micro Brew Fest

This article (with photo) was contributed by the organisers of the Tasmanian Micro Brew Fest

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