Tasmanian snowfalls are not unusual during winter, especially in the central high country or Ben Lomond National Park in the state’s north east. If you were looking for snow-skiing, that would be the place to head. But for those of us living near Hobart and looking for snow, Tasmania still provides an opportunity to throw a snowball or two!

Views of Tasmanian Snowfalls on Mt Wellington

Views of Mt Wellington snow caps across the Derwent River

Tasmanian Snowfalls… Snow Near Hobart!

I’ve mentioned before that Mount Wellington can be a convenient place to have a snow fight close to Hobart. So when we could see snow-caps on the mountain across the Derwent River on Sunday morning, well… it was just meant to be!

Roadside Snow after recent Tasmanian Snowfalls

Roadside snow after recent Tasmanian Snowfalls, Mt Wellington

Hobart Tasmania: Mount Wellington Snow

Packed with winter woollies, we embarked on the journey up the mountain road via South Hobart. It didn’t take long before we started to witness the white trim along the edges, which quickly became a deep stack of snow.

It seemed like everyone else in town had a similar idea, as the traffic on the narrow road was quite heavy.

I might sound like a broken record, but you really do need to be cautious when driving, especially in the icy conditions.

Heavy Traffic Enroute to the Mt Wellington Snow

Heavy traffic enroute to the Mt Wellington Snow

Tasmanian Snowfalls, Mountain Roads

The creation of the road was quite a feat, built in the 1930’s during the depression. As with all development, some were opposed to the construction while others considered it a “triumph of engineering ingenuity“. Either way, the work must have been arduous for the men involved and there are plaques in the shelter describing the process.

To Reach the Snow, Tasmania needed Roads

To reach the Mt Wellington snow, Tasmania needed roads

Views from Mt Wellington

The views from the lookouts were stunning as always, with the added bonus of the brilliant white snow. If you need some respite from the chill factor, the indoor shelter is a great place to spot Hobart city landmarks – and way beyond.

Mt Wellington Snow surrounds the Hobart Lookout

Mt Wellington snow and views of Hobart from the lookout

Luckily, the spring weather was kind to us. It was windy as always at the peak of the mountain, and you can’t have Tasmanian snowfalls without a chilly temperature. But with that accepted, it was a clear day and we could see past the piles of snow all the way back to where we had taken the original morning photo.

Heavy Tasmanian Snowfalls - View over Hobart

From Mt Wellington… snow near Hobart back to the beaches

Souvenir Snow Tasmania Style

Tasmania doesn’t get that much snow, and obviously our group wasn’t the only one impressed by the recent Tasmanian snowfalls. There were many car-bonnets decorated with souvenir snowmen for the return trip into Hobart. And some drivers had even stopped to load some of the Mt Wellington snow into the back of their utes with a shovel. I would be intrigued to learn what they planned to do with it?

Collecting a souvenir from Tasmanian Snowfalls!

Collecting souvenir snow from Tasmania: Mt Wellington

We didn’t “keep” any snow, but we did have such a good time, we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate with a lunch back at Elizabeth Street Pier on Hobart’s waterfront.

Well, that makes just as much sense as taking snow off the mountain. Don’t you think?

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