Yesterday, we took a little inspiration from the Tassie Comeback Tour campaign. The Tasmanian weather was at its fabulous best; all the housework was done, the lawns were trimmed and even the dog had been washed. With a welcome break in the hectic junior sporting fixtures that make up our usual weekend, we had time to kill. Our tour was to be just a day trip from Hobart; but hey… that’s better than nothing!

Tassie Comeback - Tour

Tassie Comeback Tour

Tassie Comeback Tour: Bream Creek Farmers Market

Our first issue: which way to go? There’s so many places to choose from, and they all deserve a little boost. Our choice was made for us, when we realised the Bream Creek Farmers Market was scheduled for that very day. The Tasman Peninsula then, you’re the one! And of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy a lovely coffee at Vines and Designs at the Copping Museum on the way there.

Tassie Comeback - Fresh Market Produce

Bream Creek Farmers Market near Copping

We were very pleased to encounter a gentleman, dutifully decked out in a kilt, selling McHenry whisky at the Bream Creek Farmers Market.  Interestingly, he was also selling gourmet, booze-infused ice-cream. Great combination there. The team from Sirocco South were on hand supporting the community event, despite what must have been a very busy weekend for them. They had zipped up to Launceston on Saturday to the Harvest Market for the first time and had a date with regulars at the Farm Gate Market in Hobart too.

We couldn’t go passed the Gillespies Ginger Beer stand, it’s been a firm favourite in our house since a tasting at Festivale a few years back. The Dunalley Primary School troops were also there, cooking up a storm for a crowd of customers to raise funds for their own Tassie comeback.

Tassie Comeback - Gillespies Ginger Beer

Gillespies Ginger Beer: made in Tasmania

Lufra Hotel, Eaglehawk Neck

When leaving the Bream Creek Farmers Market, we tossed a coin and chose to eat lunch at the Lufra Hotel at Eaglehawk Neck with plans to have coffee and cake at the Dunalley Waterfront Cafe on the way home. We figured after an inspection of a couple of firm Think Tasmania favourites, the Tesselated Pavement and the Dog Line, we’d have worked up an appetite for dessert.

That plan went a little awry, because our meals from the Lufra Hotel were so huge, we couldn’t eat another bite. But there’s no drama. We’ve been to the Dunalley Waterfront Cafe before and totally loved it, so now we have an excuse (like we need one!) to undertake another Tassie Comeback Tour to the Tasman Peninsula.

Tassie Comeback - Lufra Hotel

Lufra Hotel: Eaglehawk Neck

Tassie Comeback - Fish and Chips

Fish and chips: Lufra Hotel, Eaglehawk Neck

Tessellated Pavement on the Tasman Peninsula

We decided there must have been plenty of others with a similar plan, out on their own Tassie Comeback mission. As we ate lunch in Eaglehawk Neck overlooking the sparkling blue waters of Pirates Bay, the traffic was unbelievable. There was hardly a spare car parking space at the Tessellated Pavement State Reserve.

Tassie Comeback - Tessellated Pavement

Tessellated Pavement, Eaglehawk Neck

The inaugural Port Arthur Tattoo was held the night before which could explain the bumper crowd; and Victorian school holidays may have been a contributing factor… there were motor-homes and camper-vans everywhere! But we’d like to think there were also many locals heeding the advice of Tourism Tasmania to conduct a Tassie Comeback Tour. Just like us!

Tassie Comeback - Tourists, Visitors

Tassie Comeback Tour

Dunalley Hotel and Marion Bay

Aside from the disproportionate amount of motor-homes, we encountered many motorbikes on the road. Some riders were in such a hurry to see more of Tassie, they chose to overtake our car (and several others) on the left hand side. That was an unexpected shock as a passenger, I must say! There were more motorbikes and even some vintage cars at both the Dunalley Hotel and the Sorell park.

We drove home via Marion Bay (which has a beautiful beach as well as being home to the annual Falls Festival) and Midway Point. It was getting late by the time we got back to Barilla Bay Oysters… so there’s another place to visit next time. All in all… a great day was had by everyone on our very own Tassie Comeback Tour. We spent a few dollars in the community, and of course, we’re writing about it now. As we do!

Tassie Comeback - Marion Bay

Marion Bay: Tasmanian Falls Festival

We can share more individual details too if you’re interested… Gillespies Ginger Beer, Bream Creek Farmers Market and Lufra Hotel would all make for great individual stories. Just let us know if you’d like to hear more about them or any other topics, for that matter.

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