This Tassie Experience article has been written for Think Tasmania by Judy Livingston of Eye See Personalised Tours. Judy is a stalwart of the Tasmanian tourism industry and we thank her for this contribution.

Tassie Experience - Judy Livingston

Judy Livingston: Tassie experience (photo supplied)

Sharing My Tassie Experience

by Judy Livingston

It was easy to see Judy was passionate about her local business, but also very considerate of her customers. We asked Judy this question: of the many, many fabulous places in Tasmania, what special trips have you and your guests really enjoyed? Luckily she agreed to share some of her Tasmanian secrets with us, and this is the result.

1. Evandale Village Fair

I wonder how many people have had the chance to get dressed up and go to work driving a modern vehicle, but outfitted in 1880s high fashion? I had the opportunity to accompany a group who wanted to experience the penny farthing championships in Evandale, held each year in the beautiful, historic Tasmanian town.

To really get in the spirit of things, we decided to make it a day to remember. We all experienced our 15 seconds of fame being photographed as much as the bicycles themselves, by the visitors to the town.

Tassie Experience - Evandale Village Fair Tour

Evandale Village Fair (photo supplied)

2. Cradle Mountain National Park

I am fortunate in being able to see Cradle Mountain in all its spring glory. Spring at Cradle Mountain is a sight to be seen and remembered as the native wildflowers are abundant and spectacular. While walking around Dove Lake it was a bit of a concern to see visitors having to hold mountains up… but they seemed to be enjoying the challenging Tassie experience!

3. New Norfolk and Derwent Valley

Autumn would have to be the best time of year with beautiful blue skies and mild temperatures and the stunningly beautiful colours of the leaves. New Norfolk in the Derwent Valley would be one of the most spectacular areas with the willows and poplars lining the Derwent River on either side. On a day when the river is mirror calm words cannot describe the beauty of the area.

Tassie Experience - Derwent Valley with Judy Livingston

Eye See Personalised Tours (photo supplied)

4. Richmond and Coal River Valley

One of the most popular places for people travelling to Tasmania would have to be Richmond. This Tassie experience has it all. The close proximity to Hobart and the Coal Valley vineyards; quaint little shops selling everything from candy to antiques and everything in between. And some beautifully preserved historic buildings including the beautiful old Richmond Bridge and St Johns Catholic Church. Both of these buildings are the oldest in Australia that are still being used today.

Tassie Experience - Richmond, Coal River Valley

Eye See Personalised Tours (photo supplied)

5. Tasman Peninsula and Tasmanian East Coast

With so many diversely beautiful places to see in Tasmania one of my favourites would be the Cape Raoul Lookout in the Tasman Peninsula area. While carefully walking along the bush track, there is a chance of catching a glimpse of a wallaby. After an hour you are rewarded with the most stunning view over the Great Southern Ocean. It is like standing on the edge of the world.

The east coast of Tasmania has some stunning scenery and beaches. Everyone knows the famous Wineglass Bay, Bay of Fires and Bicheno but just a short diversion 24km south of Swansea is the beautiful Lisdillon Saltworks along Saltworks Road. There is the chance to wander around the ruins but also there are spectacular views across Great Oyster Bay to the Freycinet National Park.

Tassie Experience - Eye See Personalised Tours

Eye See Personalised Tours (photo supplied)

Eye See Personalised Tours: Gourmet Food

There is stunning Tasmanian food available to everyone. Some is gourmet; some is purchased directly from the farm gate. However it gets to your plate you know it will be good. I love to prepare food directly from my garden using fresh ingredients or eggs from the chooks.

Tassie Experience - Judy Livingston's Gourmet Food

Visit: Tassie experience (photo supplied)

The delight on people’s faces when they know it is from your garden is priceless. For many it brings back childhood memories of the backyard garden and fresh baking smells coming from mum or grandma’s kitchen.

Tassie Experience - Fresh Gourmet Lunch

Fresh, gourmet lunch (photo supplied)

Eye See Personalised Tours offer many other Tassie Experience options. It must have been very difficult for Judy to narrow her choice to just a top five! So thanks again on behalf of Think Tasmania readers.

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