Wayne and Julie Cartwright are dedicated followers of Think Tasmania, and have already shared details of a Tassie trip they took in 2011. Since then, they’ve returned for another Tassie holiday and have graciously offered to share details with us again. Itineraries like this one are so helpful for others looking to plan a Tassie holiday in the future.

Tassie Holiday - Wayne and Julie Cartwright

Wayne and Julie Cartwright (photo supplied)

We’ve also had such positive feedback about the article provided by Kim and Rod Prestedge detailing their campervan holiday recently. We really do appreciate submissions from guest authors like this. It’s great to know people are willing to share in order to help others.

Tassie Holiday: October/November

by Wayne and Julie Cartwright

On days 1 and 2, once we’d finally arrived in Launceston, we spent some time resting up, to prepare for our Tassie holiday.

Day 3 – Latrobe, Devonport, Ulverstone

After picking up our car we headed to Ulverstone via Latrobe where we called into to have a stroll around Bell’s Parade. We were lucky enough to see a couple of platypus’s swimming around, and according to a local we were lucky to see them so late in the season. We then headed for the Cherry Shed where we stopped for a very enjoyable lunch. Julie had delicious pancakes and I had chips. The staff who work there were very friendly which made it more enjoyable.

Leaving Latrobe we headed for Devonport when we took in a couple of the local sights including the Spirit of the Sea statue. We went up the lighthouse, and boy what great views you have up there! I still can’t believe how blue the water was.

Tassie Holiday - Devonport

Tassie holiday highlights: Devonport (photos by Julie Cartwright)

We left Devonport and headed for Ulverstone. A few kilometers up the road we came across a sign for Braddon’s Lookout, so we turned off and headed up there. The views were breathtaking in every direction. We saw snow looking toward Cradle Mountain and great views of the coastline, as well as the very rich-soiled farming land.

It was time to move on our way to Ulverstone and we finally arrived at Willaway Apartments, our base for the next four nights. We found the accommodation to be very cosy and the staff very friendly. If staying in Ulverstone or just passing by and you’re hungry, we suggest going to Pedro’s for some great seafood and chips. You could also try the bistro at The Lighthouse Hotel. There are plenty of other places to dine too.

Day 4 – Penguin, Wynyard, Table Cape, Stanley

Today we headed to Stanley, with a couple stops on the way. The first was the three sisters and goat island. From there we headed into Penguin, where we just had to have our pictures taken with the Big Penguin. I also bought a ticket in the big Oz Lotto draw but, like everybody else, had no luck. I guess I will just have to go back to work after this Tassie holiday to save for the next.

Tassie Holiday - Penguin

Big penguin: north west Tassie holiday (photo by Julie Cartwright)

Leaving Penguin we arrived in Wynyard, which looked a very pleasant place to stay (maybe another trip). We then headed for the Tape Cape Lighthouse but I missed the turn and ended up at a look-out. How fortunate that I did. The views were once again spectacular and the water was so blue; I don’t know how it gets that way, but keep it up.

We then headed to the Table Cape Lighthouse where we had a short wait for the next tour. We found it was even more special when we were told it was the only working lighthouse that was open to the public.

It was then time to head off to Stanley, where we had a nice lunch of fish and chips at a cafe by the beach. After lunch we headed for The Nut where we took the chairlift up to the top. On arriving at the top the fog was starting to roll in which gave it an eerie feeling.

Tassie Holiday - The Nut, Stanley

The Nut in Stanley (photo supplied)

We headed off to walk The Nut circuit, and we arrived at the first look-out. Because of the fog we couldn’t see very much, but we still carried on and up further we were very surprised to see the sun come out to show us the great views… and once again that unbelievable blue water.

After sitting down and relaxing, taking in the views it was time to head back to the chairlift where once again there was fog. On our arrival at the bottom we headed into the cafe for a drink and an ice cream. After a long day it was time to head home and would you believe it, the fog was following us up the highway!

Day 5 – Gunns Plains

Today we headed for Leven Canyon. Arriving at the carpark I was surprised to see the great facilities that were available for visitors: BBQ, shelters and toilets which were all well maintained. After parking the car we headed for Cruickshanks Lookout which is a moderate uphill climb but well worth it for the spectacular views. You can return to the car park the same way or do as we did and take the stairs to the forest floor, which at times are steep. That then takes you to the track that leads to the Fern Glade Lookout, which also gives you spectacular views.

Tassie Holiday - Preston Falls, Gunns Plains

Preston Falls near Leven Canyon (photo by Wayne Cartwright)

If you do it this way I suggest you take your time and enjoy the surroundings, but make sure you take a drink with you and perhaps a snack to enjoy. There are seats at various points on the descent. After leaving Leven Canyon we headed for Preston Falls. When you arrive, there is just a five minute walk down a moderate slope which takes you to the lookout. It was not flowing very much, but it would be awesome to see after a decent rainfall.

Day 6 – Burnie, Emu Valley

We headed toward Burnie and went to the Emu Valley Rhododendron Gardens. Even though it was raining heavily, the gardens were well worth going to see. The volunteers do a great job looking after the gardens and the cafe, where you can get lunch etc. We will be visiting there again another time; hopefully on a sunny day.

Tassie Holiday - Emu Valley Rhododendron Gardens

Emu Valley Rhododendron Gardens (photo by Julie Cartwright)

There is an admission charge which is cash only. After leaving there we headed to Hellyers Distillery for a tasting and to pick-up some whisky to take home. We were told an interesting fact that Betta Milk also own the distillery. As the weather didn’t improve, we made for home at Ulverstone.

Day 7 – Cradle Mountain, Wilmot, Elizabeth Town

Today was our 22nd wedding anniversary and we were heading back to Launceston via Cradle Mountain. As everybody knows, the weather can be very changeable, but it was well worth persevering to see Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake. When the sun finally came out, we did a short walk to Lilla Lake. I didn’t realize it was there, nicely hidden but I believe worth having a look at.

We lunched at the cafe at the information centre, then went off on our way. A short drive up the road we came upon a road which lead us to the Wilmot Power Station. Even though you can’t go all the way you do get to see the dam with its nice views. I believe the front of the dam is made up of plate steel. A bit further on we came up to the shed which had murals of the Mersey Forth Power development. Worth a look to stretch the legs and see what the workers went through to build it.

Tassie Holiday - Mersey Forth Power Development Mural

Mural: Mersey Forth Power Development (photo by Wayne Cartwright)

Leaving there we drove to Elizabeth Town and Ashgrove Cheese, where we did some sampling of cheese and had one of their great ice creams. Once again on the road we came upon Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm where we stopped and sampled and bought some jams and sauces.

Finally we arrived back at The Sebel Suites in Launceston to check in and to our surprise there was a bottle of bubbly on ice for us to have after a romantic dinner. How cool was that? While staying in Launceston we ate at our usual places: Jailhouse Grill and Fish & Chips. We also found a new place to eat about 10 minutes drive from Launceston called Steve’s Grill, which overlooks the Tamar River. The prices, staff and meals at all the places we ate were very good.

Day 8 – George Town, Low Head, Beauty Point

Off to George Town today, which we found to be quite a nice seaside town. We then went to Low Head to have a look at another lighthouse and more lovely views. We then left to go to Beauty Point via the Batman Bridge, which was one of the things we had on our must-see list. We arrived in Beauty Point and had lunch on the beach.

Tassie Holiday - Batman Bridge

Tassie holiday: Batman Bridge (photo by Wayne Cartwright)

Heading back to Launceston we arrived in Beaconsfield where we stopped and did a tour of the Mine & Heritage Centre. We found it to be very interesting and well worthwhile. On the road again we came upon Brady’s Lookout which is not far from Exeter and was also well worth stopping for.

Day 9 – Evandale Markets and Shopping

Today we headed up to Evandale to visit the local market: quite interesting, with lots to look at and  buy (which we did). On the way back to our car we did some window shopping and went into Lake Leather where Julie bought herself a new leather handbag. We then went across the road to the bakery and enjoyed a relaxing beverage before heading to the Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company. We walked around the gardens, did some tasting and bought some more jams and sauces. We then returned to our hotel.

Tassie Holiday - Evandale

Evandale Village: Tasmania (photo by Julie Cartwright)

Day 10 – Cataract Gorge

As we had to return our car we headed to Cataract Gorge to relax in the wonderful gardens and take in the views.

Tassie Holiday - Cataract Gorge Peacock

Launceston Cataract Gorge (photo by Julie Cartwright)

Day 11 – Tassie Holiday Over!

Unfortunately it was time to head home! I suppose the one good point is that I know we will be returning next year for another Tassie holiday, all being well.

The one thing we were disappointed about this Tassie holiday? We couldn’t find any Think Tasmania signs to have our photos taken with!

Wayne and Julie have been avid followers of our Facebook page, often commenting about plans for their next Tassie holiday. We’re very pleased they were able to share their experience with us again, and we hope it provides useful information for others in the planning stages. And don’t forget the wise advice from their last trip… always allow more time than you think on your journey. And of course, plan to return to Tasmania as often as possible.

Wayne and Julie took so many wonderful photos, we haven’t been able to include them all here. We’ll post the rest in our “Fans of Tasmania” album on Facebook.

27 November 2013 – now read all about Wayne and Julie’s latest Tassie Adventure.

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