by Wayne and Julie Cartwright

The first part of our Tassie trip started in Hobart, and it was a real family affair. The kids joined us for their first taste of Tasmania. We stayed at both the Wrest Point Casino & the Hotel Grand Chancellor where the service was up to the standard we had received on any previous Tassie trip. We ate at a few local restaurantsBall & Chain; La Porchetta in Salamanca Place and The Loft at the casino, where the portions were enormous. Once again, the food and service were great.

Tassie Trip - Salamanca Market

Salamanca Market: must-do on a Tassie trip

We also went to the following attractions in Hobart…

Tassie Trip - Cascade Brewery

Cascade Brewery by Wayne and Julie Cartright

The next part of our Tassie trip saw the kids go back to Adelaide while we went on to Launceston. From Launceston we went to the following places…

Liffey Falls was a really enjoyable experience, walking through the flora & fauna and being amazed by the waterfall when we finally arrived. Photos don’t do this attraction any justice. It’s a place we will revisit again.

Tassie Trip - Liffey Falls

Liffey Falls: Wayne and Julie Cartwright’s Tassie trip

We left Liffey Falls and headed to Mole Creek Caves where we took the Marakoopa Cave Tour, which we found very informative. It was also the first time we had seen glow worms, which was a mind-blowing experience.

Tassie Trip - Mole Creek Caves

Mole Creek Caves: Tassie trip

The next day we headed off to Devonport. We came across Latrobe and stopped in at the Axeman’s Hall of Fame and Bells Parade across the road, which is a quiet park ideal for families. On the way out of Latrobe we stopped at The Cherry Shed where we enjoyed some of the local product.

Tassie Trip - the Cherry Shed

Taste of Tassie: Cherry Shed in Latrobe

We arrived at Devonport and time wasn’t really on our side, so we just had a quick look around. We did manage to see the Spirit of Tasmania. From there we headed off back to Launceston via Sheffield, where we called into the Devil’s Gate Dam which is an engineering marvel. En route to Sheffield, we stopped at the Mt Rowland look-out. Boy, it’s a view! Lucky people to have that view everyday.

We found Sheffield to be a nice relaxing town. We looked at some of the murals and then had to leave. This is one of the towns we plan to stay on our next trip, as it is central to a lot of local attractions.

Tassie Trip - Devil's Gate Dam

Devil’s Gate Dam: Tasmanian engineering marvel

The next stop on our Tassie trip was Deloraine, where they were starting to get things ready for the Tasmanian Craft Fair. We walked along the river which was very relaxing. The waterfall at the Train Station Park was a sight that you don’t often see in many towns. We ate our lunch on the river bank with the ducks and with time once again our enemy, we headed off to Evandale. We dropped into the Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company where we found the staff very welcoming. After purchasing some of their tasty sauces and jams, we then headed into Evandale where we found it was like being back in the early days.

Tassie Trip - Deloraine Park Waterfall

Deloraine, home of the Tasmanian Craft Fair

Our last day was spent at Cataract Gorge which never ceases to amaze us with its natural beauty. I know one thing for sure: we can’t wait to get back for our next Tassie trip. Thanks Tasmania for everything!

Wayne and Julie have been avid followers of our Facebook page, often commenting about their plans for this Tassie trip. We’re very pleased they decided to share their experience with us.  It can only be helpful for anyone else planning a holiday here. An important factor I think they’d recommend? Allow more time than you think to cover so much territory. And of course, plan to return often!

Wayne and Julie took so many wonderful photos, we haven’t been able to include them all here. We’ll post the rest in an album on Facebook called Wayne and Julie Cartwright – Tassie Trip for you to see.

29 November 2012 ~ Wayne and Julie have since been to Tasmania again, and now you can read all about their next itineraries…

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Map: Wayne and Julie Cartwright’s Tassie Trip

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