We love receiving the newsletter from Think Tasmania, as we are expats living in Western Australia. We have been in WA for 13 years now, but visit Tassy regularly for holidays and family events.

Tassy - Mt Field

Mt Field National Park, Tassy (photo by Max Hidding)

My View of Tassy

by Max Hidding

We have had four major holidays in Tassy over the last six years and I have taken over 2,000 photos. All I used was a basic $150 camera. You don’t need any fancy equipment to capture the beauty of this state! I am not a photographer; I just take shots of places that have sentimental value and also incredible beauty.

I have seen so much of Tassy during these holidays and really got to appreciate the scenery and fresh air. I would love to share my story with your readers. Attached are some of my favourite shots from around Tasmania. While on holiday in Tassy one can only marvel at the natural beauty and the peace that tourists can feel.

It’s amazing… when you travel, there are always other tourists doing the same trip. We all meet up again at the next bakery! Everyone says the same thing – fresh air, peace and top food.

Tassy: Photographer’s Dream

Mt Field National Park is a photographer’s dream location and every area including Lake Dobson is a marvel. I have never seen a bad photo of Russell Falls. I wish they would make the walk to Honeymoon Falls a little easier though.

Tassy - Russell Falls

Russell Falls: Tassy (photo by Max Hidding)

Corinna is surely a piece of paradise; it is so quiet. A knock of the oar on a canoe can literally sound like a gunshot. This was my first time in a canoe and what a delight it was to paddle up the river and into another river with logs sticking out of the water. The owners of the cabins told us about the floating mist that travels up the river at 6:00am and the stunning sunsets.

Tassy - Sunset at Corinna

Tassy sunset: Corinna (photo by Max Hidding)

Sisters Beach has a great location for a picnic with great amenities, happy playground and lots of walks to do. The creek is a perfect location for photos and the tannin-colored water is a great back drop.

Tassy - Sisters Beach Walk

Peaceful walk: Sisters Beach (photo by Max Hidding)

Couta Rocks on the west coast is another place that is either peaceful or wild. I can understand why Taswegians like to fish and camp in these areas. It feels like you are the only one there.

Tassy - Couta Rocks

Peaceful or wild: Couta Rocks (photo by Max Hidding)

Ben Lomond is the best place to take tourists. It never fails to impress and yes it is very steep – especially when you come from Perth WA. This view was taken at the end of the season with just enough snow to make it impressive.

Tassy - Ben Lomond

Snow: Ben Lomond, Tasmania (photo by Max Hidding)

Junee Cave near Maydena is one of Tassy’s best kept secrets. Please spend a good hour or so looking around this cave. The kids will love it. Take the time to also read the information about those who have walked into this cave many years ago.

Tassy - Junee Cave

Junee Cave: Tassy’s best kept secret (photo by Max Hidding)

We have been around Tassy three times in the last four years – and have enjoyed every moment of the peace and quiet, bakeries, fresh air and fresh food.

Tassy - Sisters Beach Quiet

Tassy: Sisters Beach (photo by Max Hidding)

Essential Tasmanian Destinations

The last time I was in Launceston I took 20 photos of all the old buildings in the city. When you live there, you don’t even see them. How about taking a long walk from the Post Office and along Charles Street to Princess Square and see some great architecture?

Here is a list of places to visit for all tourists and locals alike…

All photos strict copyright Max Hidding. Over the last year, Max has made photo-books from his Tassy images and hopes to get them printed soon.