Karen currently lives in the UK with her husband. The pair want to move to Tasmania where Karen will need to procure a teaching job. Said husband, an ex-British Army Captain, will also need employment and has a variety of ideas. This is their story.

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I was wondering if Think Tasmania readers could offer us some advice. Myself and my husband are currently considering moving to Tasmania from the UK. All being well we will move January 2016.

I am a teacher with 12 years of experience, the last five as Head of English in a middle school (kids aged 10-13). I have also taught history in secondary schools and have taught TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). Initially we thought about moving because I have grown sick of the way the British education system works – expectations of very, very long working hours, need to quantitatively prove everything you do rather than qualitatively etc. Research showed that things seem better over in Australia.

Teaching Job - St James School

St James School, Cygnet (photo by Jennifer Holdsworth)

Tasmania became a draw because of its smaller size and the weather. Further research showed just how spectacularly beautiful it is. My husband also loves the idea of living somewhere he can ski and go to the beach easily! My question is – how to best get a teaching job. It seems a big ask to get a school to employ me without ever seeing me teach or interviewing me. We are more than happy to live in a rural or regional area.

Teaching Job - Bridport Beach

Bridport: north east Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

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My husband also needs to work out what he will do. He is currently a project manager for an automobile company so not possible there. He is also an ex-British Army Captain. He has thought about the police, retraining as a tree surgeon etc. He is open to a complete career change as long as it isn’t completely desk bound! He is a trained Mechanical Engineer and has a degree in Innovation and Design.

Teaching Job - Legerwood

Memorial carving: Legerwood, north east Tasmania

So what do people think about my chances of getting a teaching job? Also, any job suggestions for my husband?

Thank you, Karen

Teaching Job - Marine Discovery Centre, Woodbridge

Marine Discovery Centre, Woodbridge (photo by Carol Haberle)

Karen and her hubby have quite specific queries, especially with regards to the teaching job. We know it’s incredibly exciting, planning a move to Tasmania and we’re happy to facilitate these discussions, both via the website and various social media channels. We thank anyone who can offer this couple any insight… please leave your comments in the reply section below.

To Karen… we wish you and your husband every success during the research and planning stages. Whatever you eventually decide about moving to Tasmania, please keep in touch and let everyone know. And good luck in your mission to secure a teaching job.

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