Teddies on the Green is a cute place to shop. It’s a cottage filled with teddy bears and golliwogs on the village green in the historic township of Richmond in the Coal River Valley region of Tasmania.

Teddies on the Green - Golliwogs

Teddies on the Green: Richmond Tasmania

Teddies on the Green: Ready, Set, Go!

Toni, the owner of Teddies on the Green, follows Think Tasmania on Facebook. In the past, she’s offered a special deal to readers looking to buy their own fluffy bear. So we thought it was only right that we call in to visit during a day trip to Richmond. And of course, we were pretty keen to see some of the gorgeous creatures she has in her store.

Signs point the way to the aptly named Teddies on the Green in the centre of the Richmond village. From the outside, you can’t imagine the delights hidden inside Millers Cottage, the bears’ tiny home. Several rooms, with low ceilings like a cubby house, stacked with cuddly teddy bears and supplies for bear-makers.

Teddies on the Green - Richmond Tourist Attraction

Teddies on the Green: Richmond Tasmania

Teddies on the Green - Millers Cottage

Millers Cottage: Richmond, Tasmania

Charlie Bears, Paddington Bears, Hand-made Bears

According to Toni, the most popular of all her teddies are the Charlie Bears. And when you see them, you’ll understand why. They have such lifelike little faces, with expressions that plead for a cuddle. They all have their own names, and the panda called Xena was my favourite.

Teddies on the Green - Charlie Bears

Charlie Bears: Teddies on the Green, Richmond

Teddies on the Green have something for everyone in a range of prices. From rabbits poised to hold chocolate eggs at Easter, through to colourful monsters, baby presents and Paddington Bears. There’s also a selection of collectible teddy bears handmade in Tasmania.

Teddies on the Green - Monsters

Little monsters: Teddies on the Green, Richmond

Teddies on the Green - Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear: Teddies on the Green

Millers Cottage: Business for Sale

Toni handles the bears as if they were babies, gently fluffing their fur and arranging them in position on the shelves. Teddies on the Green is for sale, and it’s clearly going to be a sad day when the keys are handed over to the new owner.

The shop was opened over 16 years ago, and Toni has been caring for the bears for the last few years. The sale is only due to ill-health, and Toni hopes someone with a passion equal to her own takes her place in the gorgeous Millers Cottage.

We hope so too!

For more information about Teddies on the Green, visit their website or follow Teddies on the Green on Facebook.  Toni usually opens Millers Cottage seven days, but to confirm opening times, phone 0406 311 035.

Map: Teddies on the Green, Richmond Tasmania

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