If you’re a true devotee of all things Tasmanian, you’ll probably appreciate the change of seasons offered by this state. The temperature can range quite remarkably depending on the time of year… and sometimes even the time of day!

Temperature - Snow in Tasmania, Dover

Dover: snow in Tasmania

Seasonal Changes in Temperature

As pictures of this year’s snowfalls flood onto social media platforms, we’ve again marvelled at the scenic beauty of Tasmania. As residents of Hobart, we’re so lucky to observe the moods of Mt Wellington as she changes from autumn to winter tones. The first sprinkling of white is always a thrill, and right around the state there are similar scenes to admire.

Temperature - Snow in Tasmania, Mt Wellington

Snow on Mt Wellington

Okay, so the temperature may drop a little. Or a lot. But don a warm beanie and enjoy a hot toddy by an open fire, and appreciate the seasons of Tasmania as they ebb and flow. In a few months we’ll be embracing the approach of spring and sharing photos of daffodils.

Temperature - Derwent Bridge Snow

Snow: Derwent Bridge to Strahan

Tarraleah Temperature

To highlight the point we’re trying to make about the temperature in Tasmania, we’d like to share some photos from Tarraleah. The first visit was made during a trip to Strahan (August). It was a clear and sunny day, but the ground had been kissed by snow and the air was definitely nippy. We welcomed the fire and steaming hot soup in Teez Cafe.

Temperature - Tarraleah Teez Cafe Fire

Teez Cafe: Tarraleah Tasmania

Temperature - Tarraleah Teez Cafe Dining

Teez Cafe: snow in Tarraleah

Temperature - Tarraleah Dusting of Snow

Dusting of snow: Hobart to Strahan via Tarraleah

Temperature - Tarraleah Lodge

Tarraleah Lodge: central highlands, Tasmania

Our second and most recent visit to Tarraleah was during a drive from Hobart to Queenstown (February). The temperature topped 32C and we couldn’t help but compare the two experiences. Another clear and sunny day, but t-shirts were the order of the day this time around.

Temperature - Summer in Tasmania

Summer temperature in Tasmania

Temperature - Tarraleah Tasmania

Toasty temperature: Tarraleah

Temperature - Teez Cafe

Teez Cafe: Tarraleah in summer

Temperature - Hydro Tasmania

Hydro Tasmania lookout: Tarraleah

So if you’re asking us to suggest the best time of year to tour Tasmania (as many readers do) we’d say any season is perfect. Depending on your personal preference for warm or cool activities, make your choice and pack for the officially predicted temperature. But beware the unexpected surprise that may come your way!

Temperature - Spring Snow, Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain National Park (photo by Carol Haberle)

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