by Roger Findlay

If you asked me to name ten things that attract me to Tasmania as a holiday-maker I would come up with the following:

1. Beauty of the island, breath-taking scenery and clean air.

2. People we’ve met and friends we’ve made.

Ten Things That Attract Me to Tasmania - Scenery

Breath-taking scenery: Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

3. Temperature and climate, most suitable for a Pommy!

4. Unspoilt places: slow to exploit tourism through changes.

Ten Things That Attract Me to Tasmania - Wilderness

Pristine wilderness: Tasmanian (photo by Dan Fellow)

5. Sailing on the Spirit of Tasmania. It’s a great experience every time.

6. Salamanca Market and any farm gate market that we find along the way.

7. Food: especially seafood, cheese and beef.

Ten Things That Attract Me to Tasmania - Produce

Tasmanian agriculture (photo by Dan Fellow)

8. Pubs: Knopwoods, Shippies and the Royal Oak. Gunners Arms – R.I.P.

9. Fish punts, Tassal and the Wursthaus.

10. Walking on the deserted beachesDouglas River springs to mind.

Ten Things That Attract Me to Tasmania - Beaches

Beaches: holidays in Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

That’s ten things that attract me to Tasmania but there are so many more.

People often ask me why I choose to travel and holiday in Tasmania so much. They often ask whether I get tired of visiting the same place year after year. My answer is always the same; but I don’t have to change my lifestyle to suit them or anyone else.

I must confess that in recent weeks, I have been toying with the idea of a first visit to New Zealand. I’m sure it is a very beautiful country with the South Island being exceptional, but for now I have unfinished business in Tasmania so NZ will have to wait until I retire in a few years’ time.

I first visited Tasmania in the mid 80s. I was chasing a job at the ACL plant in Launceston but it didn’t lead to anything except a brief look at the island. The drive north and then down the east coast to Hobart convinced me that this was the place for me and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

Ten Things That Attract Me to Tasmania - Accommodation

Rustic farmhouse: Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Photos that accompany Roger’s article titled Ten Things That Attract Me to Tasmania have been taken by Dan Fellow of Tasmania Photos.

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