The Tessellated Pavement State Reserve is on the Tasman Peninsula near Eaglehawk Neck. The region is popular with tourists, with the Port Arthur Convict Settlement making the short list for most Tasmanian holidays.

Tessellated Pavement - State Reserve

Tessellated Pavement State Reserve: Tasman Peninsula

Tessellated Pavement, Tasman Peninsula

With three hours of travel time taken into account, driving from Hobart to Port Arthur return in a single day usually allows only a fleeting visit to the Tessellated Pavement. But if you have the luxury of spare time, this geological phenomenon is worth a closer examination.

Tessellated Pavement - Port Arthur Detour

Tessellated Pavement: Hobart to Port Arthur

Search the Tessellated (or Tesselated) Pavement

After only a short walk from the car park, you can look down over the rocks. An internet search of Tessellated Pavement images will uncover countless pictures, many taken from a similar vantage point. To experience the total effect, you need to negotiate several sets of steps. They’re very stable, and definitely worth the small effort if you can possibly manage.

Note: When searching, some websites have used an incorrect spelling… Tesselated Pavement

Tessellated Pavement - Walk

Stairs to negotiate: Tessellated Pavement

Fascinating Tasman Geology

Information provided at the site by the Geology Department of the University of Tasmania is often quoted on the internet. In short, rocks fractured by the movement of the earth have since been eroded by the waves and sediment of the Tasman Sea…  it is fascinating stuff. But you really can’t imagine just how spectacular it is until you’re standing right there.

Tessellated Pavement - Eaglehawk Neck

Natural phenomenon: Eaglehawk Neck, Tasman Peninsula

Shooting the Tessellated Pavement

Professional photographers have spent countless hours capturing the beauty and intrigue of the Tessellated Pavement. They factor light levels, tidal movements and weather patterns, and there are some amazing results at the end of all that hard work.

If you only have an automatic, digital camera at your disposal, don’t forget to take it with you to the Tasman Peninsula. You won’t regret it. Taking souvenirs photos in such magnificent surrounds is child’s play, really!

Crabs in the Crevices

And talking of children, you might think the geological attraction is beyond them. That would be a terrible mistake. There’s man-size clumps of kelp; shells to inspect and rocks to clamber over. Not to mention the tiny fish, Tasmanian crabs and other wildlife living in the crooks and crannies.

Tessellated Pavement - Tasman Sea, Rocks & Beach

Tiled rocks formed over millions of years

Tessellated Pavement - Shells

Shells to inspect: Tessellated Pavement State Reserve

Tessellated Pavement - Seafood Dinner!!

Huge seafood dinner… friendly Tasmanian crab!

Discover Eaglehawk Neck

I hope you have a chance to visit the Tessellated Pavement as an attraction in its own right. The Tasman Peninsula is worth more than a just a photo shoot.  Also in the area…

Tessellated Pavement - Looking to Doo Town

Towards Doo Town: Tessellated Pavement

Map of Tessellated Pavement, Tasmania…

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