At the suggestion of my lovely chiropractor, we went to the Botanical Gardens during winter most specifically to see the flowering orchids in the conservatory. She was so right, they were really beautiful; we’ve already shared those photos via social media. We also shared another snap of The Burrow, and only one clever chickadee could name the location.

The Burrow - Hobart

Place to explore, Hobart: The Burrow

Get Down in The Burrow

It’s good to know we weren’t the only ones slow to the party when it comes to The Burrow. We did wonder how we could’ve missed such a treasure, having been to the Botanical Gardens on many occasions. Although, having said that, it’s nice to explore a new feature in-depth each time, as we did with the Subantarctic Plant House.

Visiting the gardens in winter was for a deliberate story idea: Hobart city is beautiful in all seasons, regardless of the weather. Before we could write up the piece and publish our images, the colours of spring had arrived, and we just shelved the idea. Momentarily!

The Burrow - Winter

Winter: visit the gardens

The Burrow - Derwent River

Sailing: Derwent River

Plenty of other visitors were on the ground, showing their like-minded appreciation for winter in Hobart. A walk through the Botanical Gardens always provides a multitude of scenes to admire, and of course, photograph.

The Burrow - Hobart Gardens

Visitors to the gardens during winter

The Burrow - Botanical Gardens

Places to discover: Botanical Gardens, Hobart

Escape the Rigours of Hobart

Back to the topic of today though… The Burrow. Launched way back in October 2012, The Burrow is “a free community resource providing people with the opportunity to escape for a while from the rigours of everyday life”. The reading room contains donated books and is “designed for all to share the educational, leisure and social benefits of books and reading”.

The Burrow - Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

The Burrow: little hideaway, Botanical Gardens

The Burrow - Books

Borrow books: The Burrow

The Burrow - Garden View

Reading room: magnificent gardens

Now spring has arrived in Tasmania, visitors can take advantage of a sunny day and read a book outside on the lawns. The picturesque surroundings really do scream RELAX, and selecting a book from The Borrow makes a fantastic bonus.

The Burrow is housed under the RTBG cafe/restaurant. We’ve always enjoyed the coffee and hot chocolates there too and the views are wonderful.

The Burrow - Restaurant

Gardens cafe and The Burrow below

The Burrow - Coffee and Chocolate

Gardens: coffee and hot chocolate

Botanical Gardens: Once Is Never Enough

Speaking of views, a final word about our winter visit to the gardens. You can capture a shot of the Tasman Bridge and see the MONA ferry ploughing up the Derwent River towards Glenorchy. Be sure to visit the Japanese Garden, it’s a must. Also see the fernery with its own waterfall, near the lily pond. That may be one to save for a summer’s day! One thing’s for sure… there’s always a reason to go back again and again.

The Burrow - Tasman Bridge

Tasman Bridge from RTBG

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