Have you been to The Glass House in Hobart? That place is amazing! We were angling for coffee from Brooke Street Larder, but the water-level cafe was closed for a private function. We took a punt on the larder’s Brooke Street Pier neighbours, and we were in luck. Totally amazed at the Hobart waterfront views. I guess it’s called The Glass House for a reason!

The Glass House - Peppermint Bay Cruise

Derwent River, Hobart: waterfront in Tasmania

The Glass House - MONA ROMA

MONA ROMA: Brooke Street Pier

The service was very attentive, especially considering our drop-in status. Coffee was good too. We may have also had some Tasmanian cheese and a glass of wine… just while we were there! So there’s nothing we could fault, and we wanted you to know. That’s all. If you follow Think Tasmania via Instagram, you’ve probably already seen a few other photos we took at The Glass House.

Told you… we were impressed.

The Glass House - Hobart Bar

Drinks: Hobart Bar, The Glass House

The Glass House is located on the entrance level at the back of Brooke Street Pier on Franklin Wharf, which is adjacent to Elizabeth Street Pier on the Hobart waterfront. Phone (03) 6223 1032 for details or follow The Glass House on Facebook.

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Map: The Glass House, Hobart Tasmania…

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