Last Sunday we made our promised visit to The Hive Market in Bellerive. It seemed to be a resounding success… from the shopper’s perspective anyway! We’re sharing a few details so you can start planning your attendance at the Christmas version, set down for November 24.

The Hive Market - Bellerive

The Hive Market: Bellerive

The Hive Market: Sweet Success

We had a brief chat with Brooke Archer, the market coordinator. We thought she may have been a bundle of nerves before the grand opening of The Hive Market. But she seemed quite calm and very happy with proceedings, and even had a fully laden stall herself for Bee’s Tees. You can see a great range of photos from the The Hive Market launch on the Bee’s Tees blog.

The Hive Market - Bee's Tees

The Hive Market: Bee’s Tees

Brooke’s goals when planning The Hive Market were very logical. Most importantly, she wanted a suitable indoor venue to guard against Tasmania’s unpredictable weather. That criteria was checked, using the Bellerive PCYC building.

Set back a little from the road, the building is perhaps a little hard to find initially. Brooke had some colourful bunting to mark the spot, but unfortunately that went west in a big gust of wind.

The Hive Market - PCYC Bellerive

The Hive Market: Bellerive Tasmania

PCYC: 10 Scott Street, Bellerive

The multitude of cars in Scott Street would’ve suggested to any casual observer “there’s something going on here!” We zipped around the corner and parked near the Business East office (located in the Bellerive Quay building). We also noticed other spaces available near Blundstone Arena, where the redevelopment is obviously well-underway.

The Hive Market - Business East

Plenty of parking: Bellerive Quay

The Hive Market - Blundstone Arena

Blundstone Arena: Bellerive Tasmania

We’ll Have One of Those

Bringing one of the crash-test dummies along for the ride may have been a mistake. They were promised free-range from all the stalls, and I’m sure they’d sniffed out the chocolate-caramel treats from Mad About Apples before we were even in the door. Still, the jaffa-coated version we took home was divine (as always!). We chopped it into bite-sized pieces and the whole family enjoyed a snack as we watched the footy finals.

The Hive Market - Mad About Apples

Mad About Apples

We met Lisele Rankin from the Hobart-based Deliciously Sweet, which is a very apt business name. The stall was so pretty… good enough to eat, actually. We couldn’t resist snapping a photo and collecting a bag of personally-selected mixed lollies (also devoured that very day).

The Hive Market - Deliciously Sweet

Deliciously Sweet

The Hive Market - Sweets

The Hive Market: HUGE sugar hit

Variety and The Spice of Life

Another goal for The Hive Market was to provide shoppers with gourmet food and coffee. The catering was provided by first-time marketeers, This Little Piggy. You won’t find them on Facebook (yet) but the ladies have a life-time of cafe experience. They were certainly doing a roaring trade and we can confirm from first-hand experience that the sausage rolls were delicious!

The Hive Market - This Little Piggy

This Little Piggy: The Hive Market

Brooke was also determined to feature a variety of products at The Hive Market, and she certainly achieved that. It may sound like we only indulged in food… but we did come away with some other souvenirs too! We agonised over the selection of earrings from Willow Tree Lane, before choosing a pretty aqua, pink and silver combo.

The Hive Market - Handmade Jewellery

Handmade jewellery: Willow Tree Lane

Onwards and Upwards: November 24

Improvements for The Hive Market had been mooted before the stall-holders had even packed away their gear from the launch. Next time around, shoppers can expect to see extra stalls inside, as well as several outdoor vendors. One newcomer will be selling plants, always a popular idea and especially in spring.

Of course the timing of the next market will see a range of Christmas presents on show. Ruth from RES Designs, for example, will have her Santa and Rudolph sets and a range of ceramic and glassware gifts. No doubt all the other stall-holders will have similar offerings. And no doubt we’ll be back again for another session… probably minus the “helpers” next time!

The Hive Market - RES Designs

Hand-painted ceramics: RES Designs

The Hive Market will be held November 24 at the Clarence PCYC, 10 Scott Street in Bellerive. You can follow The Hive Market on Facebook for more information.

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