In September, The Monster’s Apprentice will debut on stage. For script-writer Paul McIntyre, the play has been a long time in the making. Twelve years ago he was intrigued by a story regarding Vasily Stalin, the youngest son of violent Soviet dictator, Joseph. The tale involved a teacher; one who’d found a suicide note written by the teenager. The note read simply:

Vasily Stalin
1921 – 1935

In a bold move, the teacher wrote to Stalin, informing him of the note. The teacher was to hear from Stalin three years later. He labelled his son “a very naughty boy” and one who deserved severe punishment for his misdemeanours.

The Monster's Apprentice - Play by Paul McIntyre

The Monster’s Apprentice (poster supplied)

The Monster’s Apprentice

by Paul McIntyre

A murderous dictator, Joseph Stalin was a long-time supreme ruler of the Soviet Union. Vasily Stalin was an alcoholic, often described as a pathetic version of his father. But the boy apparently longed for nothing more than his father’s approval. The sorry tale got Paul thinking about the relationship between Stalin and his son. “What a terrific subject for a play” he decided. That was way back in 2001.

Finally, after countless false starts and near endless drafts, Paul approached Centrstage Theatre Company in Launceston to gauge their interest in producing The Monster’s Apprentice. The resulting play, directed by Troy Ridgway will hit The Annexe Theatre stage in Launceston, 11-14 September. Tickets to The Monster’s Apprentice are on sale now. You can follow Paul McIntyre on Twitter.