Bubbly, chatty, enthusiastic and utterly charming… just a few words to describe Grace Denney. At almost 19, this petite brunette radiates confidence. I am talking with Grace about her children’s book, The Time Traveller.

The Time Traveller - Children's Book

The Time Traveller by Grace Denney (photo supplied)

Book: The Time Traveller by Grace Denney

by Kathryn Heathcote

Sitting cross-legged on her sofa at home, Grace Denney tells me she is hoping to study for an Arts Law Degree in the near future. She has currently deferred her place at Adelaide University. She loves languages and accents and found my Lancashire accent fascinating. Grace plans to study French and German alongside her degree.

She would like to practice civil or constitutional law one day but until then she fills her time with her passions: singing, dancing, playing the clarinet, cake decorating… to name but a few. I soon realised Grace’s passion to learn is only restricted by the lack of hours in a week.

A Trip Through Evandale, One Street at a Time…

Starting way back in 1888, The Time Traveller takes the reader on a walk through the shadows, among residents of Russell Street. Words are written in poetry form and appear alongside exquisite illustrations (also by Grace Denney) reminiscent of LS Lowry.

Grace tells me about the dog in her book. Bob the infamous Evandale dog was known by the locals and enjoyed plenty of snacks from the good folk of the town. Next time you’re passing through Evandale, take a moment to stop in Russell Street and see if you can spot Bob the dog.

Grace Denney: The History of Evandale Tasmania

Grace bubbles with laughter as she talks of her love for writing. A former Scotch Oakburn student, part of her studies included a directive. She had to find a loophole in knowledge that would be an ongoing subject. Grace found this loophole in the history of Evandale. While plenty had been written about the buildings and history of the town, there was nothing directly educating the young people in a simple and understandable way.

The Time Traveller - Grace Denney Children's Book

Grace Denney: The Time Traveller (photo supplied)

The Time Traveller: A Book for Children

Grace was invited to read her book to the kinder class at Evandale Primary School. The children loved hearing about the history of their town in a way they understood. Many of the children wanted to know if she could write about their street or home. They were keen to know more. Grace Denney had made their town’s history interesting. Could this be the start of a children’s collection of storybooks on Evandale?

Kathryn Heathcote is a regular contributor, and has written a variety of articles for Think Tasmania. She lives with her family in Evandale in the Tamar Valley region and is active in her local community. If you’d like Kathryn to visit you so your business can feature, please contact us.

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