For fireplace-warmed dining on a chilly Hobart day, try The Westend Pumphouse in Murray Street. The food is casual but really good, and despite its size (or maybe because of it) the large restaurant has a lovely, welcoming ambience.

The Westend Pumphouse - Hobart Tasmania

The Westend Pumphouse: salt n pepper squid

Hobart: The Westend Pumphouse

Places to dine in Hobart at odd hours… we’ve talked about that before. We don’t always run to the regular hospitality schedule in Tasmania. We’re weird like that. The Westend Pumphouse is a restaurant, bar and coffee house all rolled into one, so there’s usually something tasty on offer. The place is NOT open every day though, so double check opening hours before you drive across town on our say-so.

The Westend Pumphouse - Hobart Tasmania Burger and Fries

Burger and fries: The Westend Pumphouse

Cheeseburger and Fries

We’ve so-far tried The Westend Pumphouse version of salt n pepper squid and the cheeseburger with fries, both offerings from the lunch menu. Both meals also earned two enthusiastic thumbs up from our totally unofficial restaurant review system. We just liked it, okay?

The Westend Pumphouse - Large Plate with Sides

Large plate: Miso Lamb Shoulder and sides

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Drinks

Dinner takes local Tasmanian produce to a whole new level. If your appetite can hack the pace, go the large plate Miso Lamb Shoulder with all the sides. It’s insanely good and enough to feed an army. Well, enough to feed a couple of very hungry, meat-eating blokes on the loose in Hobart.

Let us know what you’ve tried?

The Westend Pumphouse is located at 105 Murray Street, Hobart next door to Urban Greek. Phone (03) 6234 7339 for details or follow The Westend Pumphouse on Facebook.

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