Recently, Think Tasmania published an article titled  We Built This City for Theatre Royal. We then gave them a tiny mention in a column we write for Tiger Airways. The next thing we know, an invitation to the 2013 Season Launch lands on our desk. We had absolutely no idea what attending this event would entail; but we do now! And as usual, we’re sharing details here, because we share everything with our readers. Well, as long as it’s relevant to our niche, interesting and informative, which this is.

Theatre Royal - Hobart Tasmania

Theatre Royal, Hobart Tasmania

Theatre Royal: Season Launch

Firstly, we now know that you shouldn’t be fashionably late for the Theatre Royal Season Launch. Or even a little bit late because you’ve had trouble finding a parking space, which is exactly what happened to us. We had to sneak in when the lights had already been dimmed, and the Premier of Tasmania, the Hon. Lara Giddings (who is also the Minister for the Arts) was on stage giving her welcome speech. There was a room full of people though, so I’m pretty sure she didn’t notice. Or care, maybe!

Theatre Royal - Premier Lara Giddings

Theatre Royal: Hon. Lara Giddings, Premier of Tasmania

Once Ms Giddings had finished, she handed the microphone over to Theatre Royal Chief Executive, Tim Munro. We were given a run-down on the highlights for the coming season: which shows were on, when they’d be on, and who would be starring in them. Once he’d finished, he asked the musical performers to “return” to the stage (oops, we must have missed the first number). They sang a bizarre tune about wishing it was spring (it IS spring, isn’t it?) which was otherwise very pleasant. And then guests were invited onto the Theatre Royal stage to collect their programs and enjoy a couple of bevvies and some h’orderves.

Theatre Royal - Guests at the Season 2013 Launch

Season Launch: Theatre Royal

Get Your Tickets Now

During his spiel, Tim Munro implored those in the audience to visit the box office located in the foyer of Theatre Royal immediately, to secure their preferred seats for the season. He hinted that remaining seats were limited or indeed sold out already for certain shows. That can’t be right, can it? Surely people don’t book seats to the theatre THAT far in advance? Actually, they clearly do, because as we finished our drinks and made our way to the exit, a queue of people had formed at the box office, and they were waving their credit cards around. Amazing.

Theatre Royal - Season 2013

Posters announce Season 2013: Theatre Royal

You’ve probably gathered by now that we’re not exactly the number one and two patrons of the theatre in Hobart. In fact, we haven’t been to a show since the Terrapin Puppet Theatre performance of The Gatekeeper. You might know how it is… busy lives, young kids: school and sport and work commitments; and need we mention babysitters? But our kids aren’t babies any more. In fact, they stayed home with a microwave dinner, a Harry Potter movie and the guard dog while we were swanning around in town.

Theatre Royal - Satay Chicken

Theatre Royal 2013 Season Program: Royal Thai

Royal Theatre and Royal Thai

So, with a hazy vision of the next of life’s stages wafting into focus, we tucked the 2013 Season Program under our arm and headed for Royal Thai in North Hobart. What better place to study up on Theatre Royal shows and make our plans? Our meals were totally fabulous, by the way. A chicken satay and a seafood curry with rice and a couple of beers.

Unfortunately the super-friendly service was so quick, we hardly had time to even start pondering our choice of shows. So we still haven’t booked our seats!

We’re leaning towards…

Theatre Royal - North Hobart Restaurant

Royal Thai restaurant, North Hobart

At the rate we’re adding shows to our performance planner and booking form, we’ll qualify for a premium subscription! If you buy tickets to at least seven shows in Season 2013, Theatre Royal will give you a discount, a ticket to opening night functions and a drink voucher. Perhaps we’d better head back to Royal Thai for another curry and make this happen. We’re pretty keen on the idea now. And wouldn’t you just love us to regale you with more stories from the theatre, darlings!

NB: for those helpful people who gave me fashion advice on Facebook, the sequins and pearls (or even the tie I thought Gavin should wear) were totally unnecessary! In fact, “neat casual” dress code was more the order of the day. So next time we’re invited to a Season Launch at Theatre Royal… we’ll know exactly what to wear.

Visit the website of Theatre Royal or phone the Box Office (03) 6233 2299 for more information. You can also follow Theatre Royal on Facebook. The theatre is located at 29 Campbell Street in Hobart. Think Tasmania was invited by Theatre Royal to the 2013 Season Launch.

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Map: Theatre Royal, Hobart Tasmania

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