We love to visit places like Thelma Retreat that are a little off the regular tourist track in Tasmania. Hidden gems if you like. That way, we can share interesting information with you guys, and you can join in the fun! We have posted some photos via social media already, but as always, we like to deliver the goods to our non-social friends as well. Please enjoy!

Thelma Retreat - Dover

Thelma Retreat via Dover Tasmania

Garden Teahouse: Thelma Retreat

During our trip to far south Tasmania, we dined at this gorgeous little teahouse about 6kms south of Dover. The garden at Thelma Retreat was just so magnificent, it absolutely stole the show.

Thelma Retreat - Garden

Teahouse: magnificent gardens

Owners Kevin and Beryl grind flour onsite with a stone mill to make their wholesome scones, cakes and breads. Devonshire Tea and a walk through gorgeous gardens… what could possibly trump that?

Thelma Retreat - Teahouse

Thelma Retreat: cakes, scones and breads

You’ll find Thelma Retreat at 106 Esperance River Road, heading from Dover towards Southport. Phone ahead for opening times on (03) 6298 1442 or follow Thelma Retreat on Facebook.

Thelma Retreat - Blooms

Thelma Retreat: beautiful blooms

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Map: Thelma Retreat, Dover Tasmania…

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