Thermomix? That doesn’t sound distinctly Tasmanian. It’s a German kitchen appliance! So why is it featured here, on Think Tasmania: a website dedicated to the Apple Isle? Stick with me.

Thermomix - Kitchen Appliance Demonstations

Thermomix dessert: demonstration class

Thermomix in Tasmania

I mentioned in the Tasmanian produce article that I was attending a cooking class. Well it turns out the class was less about learning how to cook and more about a demonstration of the Thermomix machine. Apparently, if you have one of these awesome machines, you don’t need to know how to cook. It does everything for you!

At a cost of $1939, it would want to do a lot. And it does. Grinding, steaming, kneading… there’s a long list. You really can’t conceive the value of the Thermomix until you see it in action yourself. Demonstrations cost $15 and are held around Tasmania, including Lenah Valley in Hobart on the last Sunday of the month. For details about other chances to view the appliance in action, contact Fiona Hoskin.

Thermomix - Cooking Demonstration

Demonstrating Thermomix: cooking class

Fiona Hoskin Heads up Thermomix

And there it is… the local link. Fiona Hoskin, a celebrity in the Tasmanian food world is now the state manager for Thermomix. Once the co-owner and chef of Fee and Me restaurant in Launceston, Fiona can boast winning many accolades and awards; Best Restaurant in Australia among them.

As busy as she is selling the world’s smallest, smartest kitchen, Fiona’s future plans include the release of a book. Currently in the editing stage, Devil of a Cookbook will help raise funds to save the Tasmanian Devil in its fight against Facial Tumour Disease, one of her many passions.

Devil of a Cookbook - Thermomix

Thermomix: Devil of a Cookbook by Fiona Hoskin

King of the Kitchen Appliance

Chatting with Fiona also reveals a passion for the Thermomix, and not only with the prospect of making a sale. Just as she trained apprentices to serve up gourmet food over her 20 years as a head chef, she clearly loves to encourage people to get cooking (even real beginner, time-poor prospects like me!). With such a powerful endorsement, you can hardly ignore the message.

Thermomix - Tasmanian Cooking Class

Fresh Tasmanian food: Thermomix makes the meal

Sold only by a team of expert consultants, the makers of the Thermomix claim many benefits. Not least of those is a return to real food… reducing artificial additives and turning raw, healthy produce into a meal. Issues addressed by owning one of these herculean kitchen machines include…

In fact, additional recipe books (sold separately at the demonstration) might take up more room on the bench than the actual machine! While the basics cook book is included with the original purchase, many special niche topics are covered in the optional extra books. A quick search of the internet will also reveal several forums and websites with recipes, hints and ideas.

Thermomix - Cook Books

Thermomix cook books: sold separately

Those with the least amount of bench space would be people travelling with a motor-home or caravan. Can you imagine having a single appliance to cover almost every chore required to prepare the evening meal?  The tangle of cords and a messy collection of appliances: a thing of the past. Love that idea, on the road or at home. And anything that washes itself when you’ve done the cooking is a friend of mine.

So move over young Jack Lark. With a Thermomix on my bench, I might make it to MasterChef yet. Although with 50 units selling at Agfest in just three days, I might have a little competition!