Last week we published an article detailing more things to do for kids in Tasmania. It was a list compiled from responses to a question posted on our Facebook page. We also shared links to other articles we’d published, specific to certain regions of Tasmania from the same kid-friendly theme. Margaret Morgan promptly provided her own list of things to do in Coles Bay.

Things to Do in Coles Bay - East Coast Tasmania

Things to Do in Coles Bay (photo by Dan Fellow)

Alan and Margaret Morgan own Sheoaks on Freycinet Bed and Breakfast, so they’re well-placed to advise about things to do in Coles Bay. Think Tasmania has an east coast visit planned for later this month, so we can share detailed first-hand information with our readers, and professional tourism photos from the lens of Dan Fellow. So far, we have requests to cover the aforementioned accommodation as well as Wineglass Bay Cruises and The Ugly Duck Out in Swansea.

But school holidays are upon us right now, so we’re sharing Margaret’s ideas straight away. Items from this list of things to do in Coles Bay will also feature via all our social media channels. The article itself will remain online indefinitely, and we’ll refer back to the content intermittently.  We’re sure many readers will find it helpful today, and long into the future.

Things to Do in Coles Bay

by Margaret Morgan

Coles Bay has lots to offer for kids and families. Here are a few suggestions.

1. We’re well provided with some marvellous beaches. Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach involve a decent walk, but Muirs and Richardsons beaches are right next to the village area and Friendly Beaches is only a short walk across a sand dune. If it’s too cold for a swim there’s always beach cricket, frisbies, walking and checking out any treasures thrown up by the sea.

Things to Do in Coles Bay - Wineglass Bay

East Coast Tasmania: Wineglass Bay (photo by Dan Fellow)

2. At this time of year a walk in the heathlands reveals all sorts of pretty wildflowers, including native orchids. Have a family competition to see who can find the most different flowers.

Things to Do in Coles Bay - Tasmania

Things to do in Coles Bay (photo by Dan Fellow)

3. Particularly if children are small the cruise to Wineglass Bay is a wonderful way to see the peninsula and often gives close up sightings of seals, dolphins, albatrosses and sometimes whales. Older kids will love Rastus the First Mate and dolphin spotting dog.

Things to Do in Coles Bay - Wineglass Bay Cruise

Cruise to Wineglass Bay (photo by Dan Fellow)

4. You need a driver’s licence for going quad biking, but ATV’s accommodate a driver and two kids. Riding the bumps is great fun!

5. Why not hire a tinny and go fishing? The owner has lived here for ages and can suggest where you are likely to catch dinner. He also hires out fishing lines (or you can bring your own) for fishing from the jetty.

Things to Do in Coles Bay - Fishing

Fishing in Coles Bay (photo by Dan Fellow)

6. Even if you’ve never done it before, why not give sea kayaking a go? Kayaks hold two, safety/wet weather gear is provided and a competent guide is always with you.

Things to Do in Coles Bay - Kayaking

Kayak in Coles Bay (photo by Dan Fellow)

7. There are lots of family friendly holiday houses priced to suit a range of budgets.

This fabulous and very thorough list of things to do in Coles Bay was provided by Margaret Morgan, co-owner (with husband Alan) of Sheoaks on Freycinet B&B in Coles Bay. Phone (03) 6257 0049. Think Tasmania will be visiting Sheoaks soon, and will have more information to share with you about their accommodation.

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