Last week we wrote about our ideal winter getaway based at Gardener’s Cottage in the Huon Valley. We suggested a plan to eat, sleep and enjoy some time off with the family. Our hosts Daniel and Harmonie probably had a heart attack when we published that one! They specifically asked us to talk about other business owners, and all the great and varied things to do near Cygnet. They’re very passionate about promoting Tasmania, and that’s something we love to see.

Things to Do Near Cygnet - Lotus Eaters Cafe

Lotus Eaters Cafe: Cygnet Tasmania

Things to Do Near Cygnet: Decisions, Decisions!

So let’s set the record straight. We do like the idea of lazing around by the fire with a good book in winter. But we also love to meet the locals and experience what’s on offer in each Tasmanian town we visit. Daniel and Harmonie gave us a very long list of recommendations… more than we could possibly accomplish in a single stay. But that’s okay. It gives us several reasons to return again and discover more things to do near Cygnet.

As you can see from the map provided below, the location of Gardener’s Cottage is very central for touring both the Huon Valley and D’Entrecasteaux Channel regions. It’s also a convenient place to stay and take day-trips to Hobart, just to switch things up. You can visit the city only 45 minutes away, and return each night to a haven in the country-side amid gorgeous scenery and Tasmanian wildlife.

Things to Do Near Cygnet - Gardener's Cottage

Gardener’s Cottage: things to do near Cygnet

Our Experience of Things to Do Near Cygnet

As regular readers would know, here at Think Tasmania we’re all about the first-hand experience. So here’s a selection of ten things to do near Cygnet that we’ve already covered on the website. This time we’ll focus on the surrounding region, with a plan to centre on the actual township of Cygnet another day.

Click each image for more information…

Tahune AirWalk Lodge - Adventure Forest

Tahune Forest Reserve: Airwalk (photos supplied)

Things to Do Near Cygnet - Five Bob Farm

Fleurtys Cafe: Five Bob Farm, Woodbridge

Things to Do Near Cygnet - Grandvewe Sheep Dairy

Grandvewe Cheeses: things to do near Cygnet

Things to Do Near Cygnet - Ida Bay Railway

Ida Bay Railway (photo by Carol Haberle)

Things to Do Near Cygnet - Port Huon

Port Huon and Franklin

Things to Do Near Cygnet -Snug Falls

Snug Falls Recreation Area

Things to Do Near Cygnet - Woodbridge Hill Pool

Woodbridge Hill Indoor Pool (photo by Kevin Haberle)

Things to Do Near Cygnet - Bruny Island

Bruny Island (photo by Anelda Lotter)

We thought ten would be a good, even number for things to do near Cygnet. We could introduce way more than that, but you’ll find other articles listed in the index section under Regions and Towns Tasmania: Huon Valley and The Channel Region. There’s another dozen or so articles specifically about Bruny Island for example, including…

Our index is just a list of articles we’ve published. It’s by no means conclusive of every topic, and some articles were written several years ago; we freely acknowledge both those facts. We will continue the publication of current material well into the future, including more things to do near Cygnet AND the township of Cygnet itself.

If you’d like your business or special place included on our website, you need to invite Think Tasmania to visit in the first instance. That’s exactly what Daniel and Harmonie from Gardener’s Cottage did, and so far we’ve published three articles in this series on their behalf. Start a conversation by contacting Think Tasmania today.

We stayed as guests courtesy of Gardener’s Cottage at 1014 Woodbridge Hill Road in Gardners Bay (near Cygnet). You can contact Daniel and Harmonie by phone on 0405 799 604 or email to book accommodation in the Huon Valley-Channel region. Follow Gardener’s Cottage on Facebook.

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Map: Things to Do Near Cygnet, Tasmania…

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