We like to try new restaurants occasionally. We also have our favourites and Three Little Ducks Bellerive is one of them.

Mainstay: Three Little Ducks Bellerive

This is the place we take people who want to “meet-up for a coffee” and we often visit for a quick bite to eat. The food and service is reliably good, and the location on the Bellerive Marina offers lovely views. Last visit we shared…

Three Little Ducks Bellerive - Eggplant Chips

Eggplant chips with cumin yoghurt dip

Three Little Ducks Bellerive - Chicken Schnitzel

Parmesan crumbed chicken breast with fries

Three Little Ducks Bellerive - Pork Burger

Slow roasted BBQ pulled-pork burger

What’s your go-to cafe or restaurant for casual meetings and quick lunches? Leave a message below with your inspiration.

Three Little Ducks Bellerive - Bar & Restaurant

Three Little Ducks: dining in Bellerive Tasmania

It’s great Hobart has so many new eateries popping up, with trendy offerings and foodie appeal. But it’s also important that tried-and-true cafes and restaurants continue powering along for the benefit of local diners. When the Kangaroo Bay development is completed (have you heard about the new hospitality training hotel proposal?) we’ll still enjoy meals from Three Little Ducks Bellerive.

Three Little Ducks Bellerive - Boardwalk and Marina Views

Three Little Ducks: Bellerive Boardwalk

Find Three Little Ducks Bellerive at 38 Cambridge Road, right in the heart of Bellerive Village. Phone (03) 6245 0566 for bookings or follow Three Little Ducks Bellerive on Facebook. And if you’re a fan of hot chocolate, give this one a try. We love it!

Three Little Ducks Bellerive - Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate: Three Little Ducks, Bellerive

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Map: Three Little Ducks Bellerive Tasmania…

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