Three Little Ducks… went there for brunch last week. Had a very pleasant time, and thought you might like to hear all about it. But if you’re about to tuck into a bowl of cornflakes for breakfast, you might not be all that impressed that I’m sharing these photos right now!

Three Little Ducks - Breakfast in Bellerive

The Full Duck: Three Little Ducks

Three Little Ducks: New to Bellerive

Three Little Ducks had been open just 18 days when we landed there. You’d think there might be some teething problems during the first few weeks, and it’s possible that the little ducks out the back may have been paddling furiously to stay afloat. But as it should be with any professional team, everything visible to diners was calm and serene.

Mark and Ruth de Bont: Two of Three Little Ducks

Owners Ruth and Mark de Bont have many years of hospitality service under their belts, most recently in Queensland. They’ve brought that experience to town in Tasmania and to the table at Three Little Ducks in Bellerive on the eastern shore of Hobart.

Three Little Ducks - 38 Cambrindge Road, Bellerive

Three Little Ducks: 38 Cambridge Road, Bellerive

Although Mark and Ruth moved to Tasmania a while back, they’ve been patiently waiting for the perfect venue to present itself. It was worth the wait, because Three Little Ducks has a terrific location for dining out in Bellerive, with the Hobart restaurant and bar overlooking the marina. And with the Bellerive boardwalk literally right outside, you can work up an appetite by strolling around the waterfront. Or maybe hit the pavement after an over-indulgence.

Three Little Ducks - near Bellerive Oval Tasmania

Dining out in Bellerive

Cafe, Bar and Restaurant: Dining Out in Bellerive

Covering all bases for dining out in Bellerive, Three Little Ducks is open seven days for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and for coffee and drinks. While we chose from the breakfast menu first time around, I couldn’t resist a quick peek at the lunch menu. Must say, I can’t wait to return, but I know it’s going to be difficult making a decision from the selection on offer.

Three Little Ducks - Dining out in Bellerive

The Hippy Duck: breakfast in Bellerive

Three Little Ducks: All in a Row

So we’ve given a tick of approval to the food, and the location. What about the restaurant and bar staff? Couldn’t ask for better service on the day of our visit. All three ladies on duty looked at us; and smiled… and spoke even! They were relaxed and friendly and very efficient, and clearly love working for Mark and Ruth de Bont.

In the entrance to Three Little Ducks is a lounge area with comfortable, red tub chairs. It could be the perfect place for meeting up for a drink or a bite to eat before going to watch the Tassie Tigers play cricket at Bellerive Oval (or Blundstone Oval, as it’s now officially known). Blundstone Oval will also be the Tasmanian home for the North Melbourne football team, if you’re keen to see an AFL match.

Despite the tough times in hospitality and tourism in Tasmania, I have a good feeling about the prospects for this newest dining venture in Bellerive. I’ll certainly be returning, and from the reports I’ve heard at this early stage, plenty of others will be doing the same!

Three Little Ducks - Bar & Restaurant Bellerive

Restaurant and Bar: Three Little Ducks, Bellerive

Three Little Ducks is located at 38-40 Cambridge Road, Bellerive. Phone (03) 6245 0566 for bookings, especially lunch and dinner.

Map: Three Little Ducks, Bellerive Tasmania…

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