Located on Mersey Bluff in Devonport Tasmania, Tiagarra illustrates centuries of Aboriginal history preceding the European occupation of Tasmania.

Tiagarra Walk - Mersey Bluff

Tiagarra Walk (photo by Benita Bell)

Tiagarra Aboriginal Culture Centre, Devonport

by Len Langan

The Tiagarra Aboriginal Culture Centre and Museum takes us back to a time over twelve thousand years ago when Tasmania was joined to the mainland of Australia before the rising sea levels cut these ancient people off to form a separate culture.

The Tasmanian Aboriginal people have produced some hauntingly beautiful art and their story is an important part of our collective history. Their art and culture have survived a long and sometimes painful journey covering thousands of years and Tiagarra is not just another museum but a bridge leading to a gateway of human understanding and mutual respect.

Tiagarra is well worth a visit and an open heart is spiritually rewarding. For more information about the Tiagarra Aboriginal Culture Centre call (03) 6426 1004. The museum is located in the Mersey Bluff precinct in Devonport, north west Tasmania.

Len Langan lives in Longford with his wife Jill.  They are both passionate about Tasmanian heritage and tourism and things that can be done in this industry. Len writes about Tasmanian history  for both The Courier in Longford and the magazine Sagacity, and works with Virtuosi taking music to rural areas.

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