Tasmania is a magic place and if you plan to explore it either as a resident or as a highly valued tourist, you will enjoy visiting our island’s north east both for its hospitality and its scenic beauty. Here you can relax in the warm blanket of history whilst drinking in some breath taking views of our greenest pastures and the glories of our natural bush lands.

Tin Dragon - North East Tasmania

Scenic beauty: north east Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Trail of the Tin Dragon

by Len Langan

Few places on our island lack beauty or charm. Tasmania is an island of surprises and an island of treasures both natural and built. One might think that it was set apart from the mainland by some vast eternal plan as a natural holiday escape for the world. The north east promises you an experience to remember. Memories and photographs that you will treasure forever.

George Town introduces you to Tasmania’s second settlement dating back to its foundation in 1804 although technically the town may be said to have been set out in 1815. It is rich in history and worth spending time in knowing that the local people take a great pride in its heritage. The adjoining area known as Low Head is of great interest adding a maritime museum to colour your experience here.

Tin Dragon - Low Head Light House

Low Head Light House via George Town (photo by Dan Fellow)

George Town: Low Head to Scottsdale

Although you may be advised to enjoy the countryside on your way to Scottsdale do allow time to be spent in this delightful town to enjoy some varied and certainly iconic building styles. Above all make sure that you visit the excellent art gallery cafe that not only provides travellers and locals with some excellent food but also displays the truly remarkable talents of some fine local artists and a worthwhile range of giftware. It is also a good idea to contact Oakdene Gardens at nearby Jetsonville offering an excellent male and female interest museum – open by appointment 6352 2697 at 80 Oakdene Road.

Tin Dragon - Scottsdale Forestry EcoCentre

Trail of the Tin Dragon: Scottsdale

Tin Dragon Trail Cottages, Branxholm

One must recommend from personal experience, that you next visit Branxholm and spend a relaxing night or two at Tin Dragon Trail Cottages each fully equipped to accommodate self catering in elegant comfort to give you time to drink in the delights of nature and relax. The entry to this Garden of Eden is just over the famous red bridge and you will be so glad that you found this haven under the attentive but never intrusive care of Christine, Graham and James.

Tin Dragon - Trail Cottages, Branxholm

Tin Dragon Trail Cottages: Branxholm Tasmania

For bookings email Tin Dragon Trail Cottages or phone 0407 501 137. Thirty six acres of alpacca farm and a host of Tasmanian wildlife will fascinate you. This is a place that creates memories. A recommendation that comes from the heart.

Derby to St Helens

Leaving here you should halt at Derby to enjoy their Derby Schoolhouse Museum and their Tin Dragon Centre before reaching St. Helens on the beautiful eastern coast and heading at your own pace south along this beautiful seascape wonderland.

Tin Dragon - Derby Tin Centre

Tin Dragon Interpretation Centre: Derby Tasmania

The north east will take you into the true heart of Tasmania and into the warm hearts of its people. An experience not to be missed.

Please Note ~Think Tasmania was invited to visit Branxholm during the Dorset Arts Festival by the team from Tin Dragon Trail Cottages. Len and Jill Langan stayed as guests on our behalf so we could feature more about the stunning Tasmanian north east region on our website and social media platforms.

Len Langan lives in Longford with his wife Jill.  They are both passionate about Tasmanian heritage and tourism and things that can be done in this industry. Len writes about Tasmanian history  for both The Courier in Longford and the magazine Sagacity,  and works with Virtuosi taking music to rural areas.

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Map: Tin Dragon Trail Cottages, Tasmania

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