We enjoyed a delightful day trip down Tinderbox way, via the D’Entrecasteaux Channel. Here’s our top three highlights from the journey.

Grandvewe Cheeses, Tasmania

Perfect blue winter skies: Tinderbox trip

Grandvewe Cheeses

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… we love Grandvewe Cheeses! We had the in-house tasting of everything, and then we chose a few products to further sample “picnic style” at Tinderbox.

You’ll find Grandvewe Cheeses located at 59 Devlyns Road in Birchs Bay, near Diemen Pepper. Phone (03) 6267 4099 for details or follow Grandvewe Cheeses on Facebook.

Grandvewe Cheeses, Tasmania

Gourmet goodies: Grandvewe Cheeses

Peppermint Bay

We’ve caught the catamaran from Hobart to Woodbridge in the past. That day, we had a close-up look at the Tinderbox Marine Reserve, but this time we went by road. We had a selection of hot beverages in Peppermint Bay’s excellent restaurant, and all choices were superb… to match the views.

Visit Peppermint Bay at 3435 Channel Highway in Woodbridge, near Woodbridge Hill Hideaway. Phone (03) 6267 4088 for details or follow Peppermint Bay on Facebook.

Hot chocolate from Peppermint Bay

Hot chocolate highlight: Peppermint Bay

Tinderbox Lookout

This place we’ve dubbed the “Tinderbox Lookout” but the site possibly has an official title that we are so-far unaware of. It is definitely the place to admire views from southern Hobart to Bruny Island. There’s also some historical features AND you can play a spot of tennis, if you’re keen!

The tennis court marks the entrance to the lookout on Tinderbox Road. We turned onto the gravel section of road from the Villa Howden end and followed our nose past Hidden Cove Day Spa to Blackmans Bay.

Tinderbox Lookout Cannon

Tinderbox Lookout: south of Hobart

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Map: Tinderbox Daytrip, Tasmania…

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