Tourists. They come, they tour Tasmania, they leave. I’ve never been a big fan of the fleeting drive-by of attractions in Tassie… but then I live here. I can afford to take a leisurely day trip and dawdle around, finding secret treasures here and there, exploring things not always listed in the brochures. So out of respect for the long-weekend warriors on a mission, I’ve put together an itinerary for a day tour of Tasmania starting and ending in Hobart.

Tour Tasmania - Hobart Accommodation Tasmania

Tour Tasmania: day trip from Hobart accommodation

Tour Tasmania: A Hobart Day Trip

Leaving your accommodation (Hobart Tasmania has plenty of great places to stay) why not start the day trip with a morning coffee at the Baha’i Hobart Centre of Learning. On weekdays, Karen Goodwin-Roberts operates the Taste Cafe from this tranquil but bizarre setting near Queens Domain.

While you’re waiting for the water to boil, you could have a flick through her book Picnics in Paradise. Might give you inspiration for another tour of Tasmania! Or you could have a quick peek through the Baha’i Centre, where volunteers are only too happy to show off the magnificent building.

Tour Tasmania - Picnics in Paradise

Picnics in Paradise: ways to tour Tasmania

Driving Tour: Tasmania

But don’t stay too long! There’s a big day planned, don’t forget. Leaving the Tasmanian capital of Hobart, head over the Tasman Bridge towards Sorell. Then leave the Tasman Highway at Cambridge and take the road to Richmond in the heart of the Coal River Valley.

Tour Tasmania - Richmond Day Trip

Day trip to Richmond in your tour of Tasmania

A delightful heritage village, Richmond has many delights to enjoy. The main street is filled with galleries, craft and antique shops as well as tea rooms, bakeries and an old-fashioned lolly shop. But as you’ve already had your morning coffee, you might prefer to visit one of the Tasmanian wineries. There’s lots in the region to choose from. If it’s too early for wine tasting, you might be able to select a bottle for tonight’s dinner.

Tour Tasmania - Pooley Wines Richmond

Bottle of wine back to your Hobart accommodation

After leaving Richmond, prepare for the best part of today’s tour. Tasmania is renown for its wildlife, and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary at Brighton will give you a fabulous sample of local animals. Time your visit to join one of their keeper-tours of the park, and see the creatures up close and personal. Have your camera at the ready if you want souvenir pictures of Tasmanian Devils, koalas, wombats and kangaroos. And you won’t just get photos… you’ll have the chance to pat and feed the animals, too.

Tour Tasmania - Tasmanian Devil

Visit a Tasmanian Devil: day trip from Hobart

How Many Valleys in One Day Trip?

It’s always good to cover more than one valley when you tour Tasmania, so it’s on to New Norfolk, capital of the Derwent Valley. There’s a good road on both sides of the Derwent River, so take Boyer Road on the way there; and the Lyell Highway on the way back for a different perspective.

Apart from the majestic scenery, New Norfolk offers a trail of antique stores. If that’s your passion, you’ll be pleased to know business owners in the town share a map with directions to other antique shops in town. That’s the sort of networking and co-operation I love in Tasmania.

Tour Tasmania - Derwent Valley

Derwent Valley: day trip, Hobart accommodation Tasmania

Of course, there’s a choice of cafes and restaurants if you’re feeling hungry again. Then there’s specialty stores to uncover, a historic church to photograph and even Willow Court, a former insane asylum, in the centre of town. Or you might like to just visit Peppermint Hill Lookout and see the beautiful town from an elevated position.

Keeping in mind the premise of a quick tour of Tasmania, it’s now time to head back towards Hobart. On the way, hopefully there will be time for a small detour: to a chocolate factory. Located in Claremont but only open on weekdays, the Cadbury Visitor Centre offers a brief insight into the history of the company and their delicious chocolate. And the best part? The factory outlet, where you can make purchases for friends and family back home. Or at least that’s what you can pretend, as you load up your basket.

Tour Tasmania - Cadbury Chocolate Factory

Tour Tasmania: Cadbury Visitors Centre, Hobart

Back to Base: Accommodation Hobart Tasmania

After such a busy day trip, you might need a relaxing drink before dinner. May I suggest a visit to the Lark Distillery to sample some of their award-winning spirits and liqueurs? If it happens to be a Friday evening, house band Coyote Serenade play blues, country and folk music to entertain the crowd.

Tour Tasmania - Lark Distillery

Hobart accommodation Tasmania: whisky distillery

And finally, as the sun sets on your day trip, how about a nice dinner? What better way to finish a tour? Tasmania has a multitude of fine places to eat, so finding a Hobart restaurant to suit your budget and taste shouldn’t be too difficult. The Salamanca precinct has a good selection, and you can enjoy the ambiance of the historic sandstone buildings along the waterfront. And don’t forget that bottle of wine you scored earlier on your tour!

Tour Tasmania - Salamanca

Salamanca Hobart, part of any good tour of Tasmania

Tasmania: scenery, wildlife, eating, drinking, history, shopping… where else could you discover all that in one day? And if you’re keen for someone else to do the driving on your Tasmanian tour, we would strongly recommend contacting Judy from Eye See Personalised Tours… she can offer you fabulous service and she’ll treat you as a guest, not just a tourist.

I’m very aware there’s more day trip itineraries to cover. Lots more in fact!! From Hobart AND every other gorgeous place in Tasmania. I will get there, with plans to write more in the future. If you can’t wait to have something featured, just leave a reply below.

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Day Trip Map: Tour Tasmania from Hobart

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