Why is it that some towns attract the attention of Think Tasmania writers more than others? Take the town of Latrobe in the state’s north west coast region, for example. We’ve written so many articles about business owners from that area, with many more still on the “potential” list. Maybe it’s opportunity. Maybe it’s good communication from the business owners to Think Tasmania. Or maybe… the town of Latrobe is just worthy of attention!

Bells Parade - BBQ Shelter

Bell’s Parade (photo by Carol Haberle)

Town of Latrobe: Tasmanian Favourite

Here at Think Tasmania, we don’t pretend to be a directory, listing all and sundry. There’s plenty of others who do that; the phone number and website of a business is easy enough to find if you know where to look. What we aim to provide is this: details of impartial, first-hand experiences (only the good ones, mind you!). We give our readers a reason to visit somewhere themselves.

Here’s a sample of our thoughts about the town of Latrobe so far. Hopefully we’ve inspired locals and visitors to take a look at some of these places and meet some of these people….

Cafe Zeta ~ a beautiful old heritage-listed three-story brick homestead housing a licensed cafe and gift shop owned by Kathryn Bramich.

Town of Latrobe - Cafe Zeta, 20 Gilbert Street

Cafe Zeta: Latrobe Tasmania (photo by Carol Haberle)

La Dolce Vita ~ a new cafe near Station Square, offering light lunches, coffee and snacks, with specialty cakes and catering by Demelza Harkness.

Town of Latrobe - La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita (photo supplied)

Town of Latrobe ~ a history and overview, including Bell’s Parade, Sherwood Hall, Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame and the annual Henley on the Mersey Regatta.

Town of Latrobe - Sherwood Hall

Town of Latrobe: Sherwood Hall (photo by Carol Haberle)

Kart Magic ~ a fun place for kids and enthusiasts of go karts to test their driving skills in a controlled environment.

Town of Latrobe - Kart Magic

Kart Magic near the town of Latrobe, Tasmania

Art Class ~ June Wilson teaches pastel art lessons from her studio gallery in the main street and stages exhibitions of local works.

Town of Latrobe - June Wilson Studio Gallery

June Wilson’s Studio Gallery (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

By the Brooke ~ an upholstery, furniture and home-wares store, also in Latrobe.

Town of Latrobe - By the Brooke

By the Brooke, Latrobe Tasmania (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

The Cherry Shed ~ a well-known and popular spot on the gourmet food trail, a place to lunch and indulge in a multitude of cherry flavours.

Town of Latrobe - Cherry Shed

The Cherry Shed: Latrobe Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Latrobe Fine Art Gallery ~ offering glassware, jewellery, decorative objects and paintings by owner Beverley Skurulis along with work by other Tasmanian artists.

David Foster ~ possibly the most famous son from the town of Latrobe, and certainly up there with David Boon and Ricky Ponting as a Tasmanian champion sports star.

Town of Latrobe - Local Hero, David Foster

David Foster: Latrobe Tasmania (photo by Roger Findlay)

Lorraine McNeair ~ one of our regular contributors is also a volunteer at the Information Centre; no doubt one reason we have so many stories about Latrobe.

Latrobe Federal Band ~ a celebration of 140 years of quality music revolving around family, community and Tasmanian history.

Town of Latrobe - Visitor Centre

Latrobe Visitor Information Centre (photo by Dan Fellow)

Reliquaire ~ many people will tell you this is the best and most unique shopping experience in Tasmania… and it’s central in the town of Latrobe.

Town of Latrobe - Reliquaire

Reliquaire: Latrobe, Tasmania (photo supplied)

House of Anvers ~ chocolate lovers unite in their opinions about this tourist attraction, cafe and factory outlet all rolled into one on the outskirts of town.

Town of Latrobe - House of Anvers

The House of Anvers: Latrobe (photo by Dan Fellow)

Other Great Place to Visit: Town of Latrobe

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm ~ as the name suggests, this gourmet delight is not in the town of Latrobe itself, but close enough to be called local.

ETC Bakery ~ located 35kms away at Elizabeth Town on the Bass Highway, a 25 min drive from Latrobe will offer up another foodie experience.

Town of Latrobe - ETC Bakery, Elizabeth Town

ETC Bakery Cafe (photo by Dan Fellow)

Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail ~ speaking of experiences for food lovers, it’s something the surrounding region does really well.

Town of Latrobe - Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail, Ashgrove Cheese

Ashgrove Cheese, Elizabeth Town (photo by Dan Fellow)

Children ~ when arriving in Devonport via the Spirit of Tasmania with kids on board, you may be interested in this itinerary, a day trip fit for kids of all ages.

Tassie Holiday ~ Wayne & Julie started their most recent Tasmanian trip with a visit to some of the hot-spots in the local region.

Town of Latrobe - Julie Cartwright at the Cherry Shed, Latrobe

Taste of Tassie: Cherry Shed (photo by Wayne Cartwright)

Cradle Coast Tours ~ take a tour with Howard and you could start the adventure by sampling the highlights of the town of Latrobe and then the surrounds.

Town of Latrobe - Cradle Coast Tours

Bells Parade, Latrobe (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Autumn ~ what would an article from Carol Haberle be without spectacular photos… and Bell’s Parade is showcased as a feature during this season overview.

Town of Latrobe - Bells Parade in Autumn

Bell’s Parade, Latrobe (photos by Carol Haberle)

This trio of articles all mention Latrobe in their collection of great places to see:

I’m sure there will be many more articles published in the future that feature Latrobe as well. It’s just one of those towns! If you have a place you’d like one of the Think Tasmania writers to visit (either in Latrobe or a different Tasmanian town or region altogether) please don’t hesitate to extend an invitation.

The images shared to highlight the Town of Latrobe were collated from previous articles (links included) published by Think Tasmania. They were either provided by business owners to Think Tasmania, or taken by our contributors. See the original articles for photographer’s details, or contact Think Tasmania to request more information.

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Map: Town of Latrobe, Tasmania

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