We have lots of interaction from pet-lovers via Think Tasmania’s website and social media. Last night’s reader question on Facebook went a little like this…

It’s 6pm (forum o’clock) and Mel would like to know…

I’m looking for a reputable dog kennel in the Longford/Glengarry area. Can anyone recommend somewhere from personal experience? Thanks so much, Mel

As is often the case, this reader was only interested in first-hand information, rather than random web links. Mel received some very helpful responses, and we hope she’s able to find a good home-away-from-home for her pooch.

Transporting Pets - Longford Tasmania

Cassie and Bella (photo: The Essential Doggy Guide)

Get the Lowdown: Transporting Pets

Mel’s question also prompted today’s article. We had promised to share the results of another reader question from Gael about transporting pets. Adding the conversation here on the website for everyone to see (and perhaps contribute additional thoughts) just completes the circle for those not fond of social media.

Transporting Pets - Glengarry Bush Maze

Pooch: Glengarry Bush Maze (photo by Dan Fellow)

As luck would have it, our long-term sponsors Advance Removals also shared an article about transporting pets recently. If you’re looking to move to Tasmania, the AR website is a great place to find advice and information before the big event.

We’re always pleased to receive feedback from Think Tasmania readers who’ve used the services of our sponsors or members with great success. One such person springs to mind, and that’s Lynn. She told us she’d used Advance Removals, and also said…

After visiting Tasmania for the last five years on long caravan holidays, we realised this is where we want to live. Our dream is now a reality as we’ve made our permanent move, deliberately arriving in spring. And look at our reward: a beautiful welcome display in our garden. Thanks Think Tasmania for sharing this beautiful state, such a great source of information, and one we recommend to our friends too ~ Lynn

Transporting Pets - Moving to Tasmania

Lynn’s garden: Spalford, Tasmania (photo supplied)

Dog Lovers Chat Online

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the gist of the Facebook conversation we mentioned about transporting pets. We’ve selected just a sample, cross-section of the best reponses to add below, but you’re welcome to view the entire social media thread.

It’s 6pm (forum o’clock) and Gael would like to know…

Hi there! I’m relocating to your beautiful ‪‎Tasmania‬ next year some time and I’d like to bring my ‪‎dog‬. Would anyone know which airline is best? Can we fly together on the same flight?

I like to read of the families wanting to relocate to Tassie. I have a fair idea where the areas are. My daughter has been down that way a lot and lived there for a little bit. I will love to get away from the heat and traffic of the Gold Coast… it’s not what people think is it up this way. Good for a holiday and thats about it.

Thanks Gael

Transporting Pets - Travel Cage

Transporting pets to Tasmania

Rebecca ~ we used Jetpets for both of our dogs. Yes, it is cheaper if you are flying on the same flight. They have a checklist that you need to have proof of certain information coming into Tassie. We moved from South Australia as a permanent decision and are living in the beautiful Huon Valley (Franklin Tasmania) to be exact, about 40 minutes drive to the city. I drive to the city each day but the drive is 80-100kph and I pass about 10 cars on the way. The scenery and serenity blows my mind. All the best.

Pamela ~ Virgin Airlines. I’ve taken my dog many times. They charge by weight, my dog is 10kg and costs about $100. I have my own dog cage; much cheaper that way.

Susanne ~ we brought our pooch to Tasmania from Brisbane with Qantas. She flew on the same flight as my son and was classed as baggage, so we didn’t have to pay anything for her. And, they were really good with her too!

Claudia from Bed and Breakfast 21~ last year we drove from Cairns to Melbourne with our son, two dogs and one cat in a small VW Golf, then on the Spirit of Tasmania to Devonport! Life is a lot better here in Tassie! Cairns was too hot and humid.

AnnetteSpirit of Tasmania is also a good way of going. If you have to bring a car, then why not bring the animals? They are caged overnight and staff check on them regularly through the night. Check with them for the latest prices. Also you need to have any dog coming into Tassie treated for hydatid worm.

Angeline ~ when buying your ticket make sure you mention the dog. Some flights have a limit on how many dogs are allowed on.

Michelle ~ my partner and I will be relocating from WA very soon and we can’t wait. We have only visited twice but fell in love with the place. We have bought a block in Gordon and St Marys. Good luck with your move.

Zigrid ~ fly Virgin every time and never had a problem. The dogs go on the same flight; book them in one hour beforehand. They charge you on weight of your dog. I am working towards my move to Tassie too, so over Queensland.

Leanne ~ I flew with Qantas from Auckland to Tassie with two dogs. They insisted (as did I) that I be on the same flights. I did have to fly to Hobart (then drive five hours to the north west) due to quarantine facilities. Some airlines don’t fly American Staffordshire Bull Terriers (which is ridiculous). I was extremely anxious about flying so far with the dogs, but they were very well looked after!!!

Pearl ~ STOP moving to Tassie, there won’t be any room for me when I do it!

James ~ Virgin Airways, but these days they are pretty much the same as Qantas. Dogs are treated like livestock and usually the dog will fly on the same flight as you if you book it that way. We will be flying to Hobart next week. I made the decision this time based on the shortest time possible for my dog to be in the container.

Jacqui ~ looks like Tassie is a favourite place to be. We drove from Cairns to Melbourne with our Bull Arab (44kgs); stopped at pet-friendly motels along the way and then onto the Spirit of Tasmania. I must admit that he was glad to get out of the cage, but that is because he missed us. Tasmania is a beautiful place. Have stayed there for five months and had a good look around. As we were only having a holiday, we will definately have another trip there. Next time I will stock up on thermals! Cairns and Tasmania… complete opposites.

Vanessa ~ Spirit of Tas, Virgin or Qantas are all good. Best to fly early morning I think. Try to avoid dogs being on tarmac areas loading in the heat of the day.

Rachel ~ good luck with the move Gael – I’m so envious! Hope to do this myself one day.

Jill ~ when we came down from Queensland we brought our dog (small dog via Virgin). A piece of advice I got after we flew… the dog can’t have water and needless to say could be panicky and hyperventilating. BUT if you put a frozen bottle of water in the travel box with them, they can lick the condensation that collects on the outside of the bottle.

Transporting Pets - Plane

Airlines: transporting pets to Tasmania

How about that? Lots of fantastic information from readers in a similar situation to Gael. All experienced with transporting pets, and all lovely members of the Think Tasmania community, willing to share their hard-earned advice. As always, we are completely impressed by the opinions and thank everyone for their assistance. You’re all amazing.

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