Triabunna Church? That’s an odd choice of topic. Search for Triabunna lately, and the $10 million sale of the local woodchip mill to a couple of wealthy entrepreneurs dominates the findings. No wonder there’s media interest: the story’s main characters are founder of Kathmandu clothing company Jan Cameron and her colleague Graeme Wood. He’s the creator of and and a strong supporter of the Australian Greens.

Triabunna Church - Woodchip Mill

Triabunna woodchip mill: new owners

Triabunna Church: Talk About Peace

Throw in Gunns as the previous owner; ongoing negotiations with Forestry Tasmania and The Peace Talks and you have the makings of a blockbuster drama. But we’re not giving an opinion about the state of the Tasmanian forest industry. And we’re certainly not predicting whether or not Triabunna will become the tourism mecca of the east coast if the eco-tourism resort development goes ahead.

We really just want to shine some light on the Triabunna church.

Tribunna Church - Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows (photo supplied)

Reverend Ross Ellwood read our Buckland Church article. He sent us his blessings and asked us to publish a little something about the Triabunna church too. He invited us us to widen our protocol of religious conduct (a cheeky quote taken from the Buckland article) and visit another church with beautiful stained glass windows ourselves. But in the meantime (because we don’t want this cousin getting jealous of the Buckland church) we bring you information and photos supplied straight from the Rector himself.

St. Mary’s Triabunna Church

by Reverend Ross Ellwood

St. Mary’s Anglican Church was completed in Triabunna 1883. It was built from local sandstone from the Okehampton quarry and contains one of only three stone altars in Anglican churches in Australia.

Triabunna Church - St Mary's Stone Altar

Stone altar: St Mary’s Anglican Church (photo supplied)

This and the Baptismal Font were crafted by local craftsman, Mr. Richards (now buried in the Triabunna Church Cemetery).

Triabunna Church - St Mary's Baptismal Font

Baptismal Font: Triabunna Church (photo supplied)

Over the last three years St. Mary’s has had major renovation moving the Altar forward from against the rear wall of the Sanctuary so it can be used. The Font has also been moved from the back, with the main doors being adjusted to swing out instead of in, to create a welcoming entrance to the Triabunna Church.

Triabunna Church - Welcoming Entrance

Welcome: Triabunna Church (photo supplied)

The Sanctuary area has been taken back to the original sandstone and several convict marked bricks can now been seen. Whilst the church was not convict built some of the stones used had been convict cut.

Triabunna Church - Convict Bricks

Convict markings on stones (photo supplied)

St. Mary’s now sits on a quiet cul-de-sac at the end of Franklin Street, and is open whenever we are at the Rectory/Parish Office. Blessings, Ross

Triabunna Church - Franklin Street

St Mary’s Anglican Church: Triabunna (photo supplied)

See I told you… blessings! How could we refuse? Especially when we’ve already confessed to an obsession with taking photos of Tasmanian churches. And the stained glass windows in the Buckland version took our breath away. Looks like we really should visit the Triabunna Church in person, to see some of their stained glass features.

Triabunna Church - St Mary's Stained Glass

St Mary’s Anglican Church (photo supplied)

For more information about the history of the Buckland Parish contact Reverend Ross Ellwood via the Parish of Buckland website. Photos supplied to Think Tasmania by Rev Ellwood.


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