Triabunna is located on the east coast of Tasmania between Orford and Swansea, about 85kms from Hobart. We had the opportunity to visit recently; Gavin cooked up a storm of seafood with Kiss a Fish Cookery School while I took to Seafest and the town in general for a little look-see.

Triabunna - Tasmania

Triabunna: east coast Tasmania

Triabunna: The Fish Van: So Popular!

While the town of Triabunna is small, there’s a few points of interest we were happy to discover. The Fish Van, for example. As it turns out, this Tasmanian gem might be one of the most popular take-away joints in the state. We shared our thoughts via social media, and boy… did that get some attention! Lots of favourable comments and plenty of glowing endorsements.

Triabunna - The Fish Van

The Fish Van

Triabunna Marina and More

The Triabunna Marina was filled with vessels, and not just the workaday fishing variety. Luxury cruisers and all manner of recreational boats had sightseers (like me!) admiring with envy.

Triabunna - Marina

Boats: Triabunna Marina

Triabunna - Fishing

Triabunna: fishing vessel with cray pots

Just in case you’re not aware, Triabunna is the launch-pad for visits to Maria Island. Catch one of two ferry options from the docks and enjoy the history and nature offered by the island’s unique national park during a day trip or longer stay. You can gather information for this and other local options at the Visitor Information Centre.

Triabunna - Maria Island

Ferries depart Triabunna: Maria Island

Triabunna - Visitor Information Centre

Triabunna Visitor Information Centre

History and Architecture

There’s a variety of architecture in Triabunna, with some buildings dating back to the 1830s (such as the Spring Bay Hotel). We also shared a photo of the old Barracks buildings via social media, and learned an interesting snippet of news via Kim Samin:

it is our building and it’s the old Barracks building next to the Spring Bay Hotel. There are two of them sitting next to each other. They were built in 1840 and we are currently in the process of restoring them into a BnB. Thank you Think Tasmania for sharing them!

Triabunna - Spring Bay Hotel

Spring Bay Hotel, Triabunna

Triabunna - Barracks

Barracks Buildings, Triabunna

Triabunna - Homes

Triabunna: cute house, lovely garden

Camping: Things to Do in Triabunna

Triabunna is clearly a popular place for campers. The town’s campgrounds were filled with caravans and motorhomes during Seafest.

Triabunna - Camping

Campers and motor homes: Triabunna Tasmania

And finally, we’ll give a shout-out to the Spring Bay Maritime and Discovery Centre. The complex includes a studio and gallery, museum and community shed. We hope to give readers more information about the attraction in future… if you can believe we plan to write even more about the town of Triabunna!

Triabunna - Spring Bay Maritime Museum

Spring Bay Maritime Museum and Discovery Centre

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