It’s February! As promised we’re back to work full-time after a holiday break. Our first major FAMIL visit this year will be a trip to Queenstown, one of the drawcards of the west coast region of Tasmania.

Trip to Queenstown - West Coast Tasmania

Queenstown (photo by Dan Fellow)

Our Trip to Queenstown

Call us crazy, but we like to focus our energies on one place at a time, and that’s what we’ll be doing during this trip to Queenstown. A single town in Tasmania can provide so many places to visit… attractions, dining, shopping and history. Rather than zip around from pillar to post across the whole state, likely missing vital points of interest, we prefer to research properly and gather lots of material and photographs. That way we have in-depth first-hand knowledge to share; and we can revisit additional content well into the future too.

Having said that, Joy Chappell (our host from Mt Lyell Anchorage Bed and Breakfast) has given us quite the itinerary for our trip to Queenstown from Hobart. We’ll be rising very early to take advantage of every opportunity possible en route to our primary destination.

Trip to Queenstown - Mt Lyell Anchorage B&B

Accommodation: Mt Lyell Anchorage B&B (photo supplied)

From Saturday morning through to Monday evening, we’ll be posting updates via social media. Catch us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as we grab morning tea in New Norfolk, and maybe a second morning tea in Hamilton! Besides sharing our food intake, there’ll be lookouts and waterfalls, lakes and nature trails. Can we do all that in one trip to Queenstown? I guess there’s always the homeward journey as well, just to squeeze in a bit more. Failing that, we’ll endeavour to return again to cover even more territory.

Trip to Queenstown - Orr Street

Queenstown (photo by Carol Haberle)

Queenstown: Tours and Accommodation

In the town itself, we have plenty of meals and entertainment to experience and we’ll be keeping you posted on all that. Tweet tweet! Joy has joined forces with Anthony Coulson from Queenstown Heritage Tours and the pair of them intend to showcase Queenstown in all its glory. We’re very excited about the entire long weekend, and we’ll be sharing everything with website readers upon our return. So if you don’t like social media (and we know some of you don’t!) have no fear, all the information will be coming your way eventually.

Trip to Queenstown - Iron Blow

Iron Blow Open Cut Mine (photo by Carol Haberle)

On Monday, our fabulously-organised hosts will be driving us to Strahan to catch the West Coast Wilderness Railway back to Queenstown. We’ll be travelling Wilderness Class on the Queenstown Explorer journey, a full day trip departing Strahan at 9:00am.

So we say again… can we do all that in one trip to Queenstown? We should have been training for this, rather than launching straight in from a holiday break. At least we’ll be better equipped to advise our readers about what you CAN reasonably expect to cram into each day.

Trip to Queenstown - West Coast Wilderness Railway, Tasmania

West Coast Wilderness Railway (photo by Dan Fellow)

Think Tasmania FAMIL Fabulous

A big thank-you goes to Joy Chappell (Mt Lyell Anchorage) and her colleague Anthony Coulson (Queenstown Heritage Tours) for driving this FAMIL trip to Queenstown. They’ve arranged everything, and been extremely patient with us during a series of injuries and enforced delays. But now we’re ready to go! If you’d like similar coverage for your town, please contact Think Tasmania with the details.

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