Congratulations to Eye See Personalised Tours. Judy has just been awarded a 2013 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. For two consecutive years, Eye See Personalised Tours has been a winner of this prestigious honour. TripAdvisor recognises only the top-performing 10% of businesses with this award.

TripAdvisor - Judy Livingston of Eye See Personalised Tours

Judy Livingston:Eye See Personalised Tours (photo supplied)

TripAdvisor: Five Star Rating for Eye See

Think Tasmania has had the very good fortune to experience a personalised tour with Eye See. The award for excellence from TripAdvisor comes as absolutely no surprise at all to us! We enjoyed a fun and informative trip with Judy, and have gone on to recommend the business to many others. Eye See Personalised Tours was also a finalist in the 2012 Tasmanian Tourism Awards. That’s such an impressive achievement, considering the calibre of the competition.

However, I thought it would still be prudent to learn why Judy had been rated so highly by some of her other guests. I had a quick peek at Eye See Personalised Tours on TripAdvisor… so many rave reviews! Here’s just a few snippets from the collection of five-star recommendations (word-for-word).

Reviews from Travel Website TripAdvisor

After months of planning with Judy via emails, we finally met in Hobart at the end of April. Within just a few hours of our time together, my friend and I felt like we were traveling with a dear old friend. We spent nine absolutely fabulous days together with Judy driving us from coast to coast, taking us to her favorite haunts, eating her delicious home cooked meals and anticipating our every need. We laughed all of the time, exchanged wonderful stories and even expanded our vocabulary (sticky beak = nosey). I couldn’t imagine visiting this wonderful land without Judy leading the way. Thank you Judy. We have told everyone we met on the rest of our trip, that Tasmania with Judy is an absolute must!! ~ Margaret, TripAdvisor, May 2013

TripAdvisor - Lunch on Tour

Feast prepared for guests: Eye See Personalised Tours

We had an absolutely fabulous time with Judy on our day in Tasmania. She took us through the beautiful rainforest and explained so much about the topography and wildlife. We had a delicious picnic lunch along the roadside, which she had prepared and then on to the wildlife sanctuary where again she did an excellent job of escorting us all around. We really felt we were treated to an exceptional experience and Judy seemed delighted to be showing us her country. We felt like guests as opposed to tourists. Five star tour. ~ John, TripAdvisor, April 2013

TripAdvisor - Homemade Biscuits

Homemade biscuits for guests: Eye See Personalised Tours

I am local and went on a wine tour with Judy to celebrate a friend’s birthday. A great day was had by all 10 girls aged 38-49. You will love it! ~ Narelle, TripAdvisor

Have you had a great Tassie experience with Judy from Eye See Personalised Tours? If so tell us all about it here. And of course, leave your own review on TripAdvisor.

We’re proud to acknowledge and promote Eye See Personalised Tours as a Think Tasmania sponsor. For more information visit the Eye See Personalised Tours website or phone Judy: 0409 487 559. You can also follow Eye See Personalised Tours on Facebook.

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