These photos were taken by Dan Fellow at Trowunna Wildlife Park. We have several regular contributors at Think Tasmania, and Dan is part of our great team. However, this particular professional tourism photographer is not very keen on writing much… or in this case, anything! He truly believes his pictures speak louder than words, and who are we to argue?

Trowunna Wildlife Park - Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil: Trowunna Wildlife Park (photo by Dan Fellow)

Trowunna Wildlife Park: Seeing is Believing

photos by Dan Fellow

Dan Fellow contributes tirelessly to the Tasmanian tourism industry in general, and takes great photos. That much we do know. And we trust his judgement. So if Dan tells us a place is worthy of promotion, we believe him. Such is the case with Trowunna Wildlife Park.

Quite often, images from Dan Fellow have motivated Think Tasmania to plan a visit, so we can accompany his photos with actual words. That’s bound to be the case this time too. One day, one of the writing team from Think Tasmania will make their way to Trowunna Wildlife Park and share their first-hand experience with our readers.

Trowunna Wildlife Park - Spotted Quoll

Quoll: Trowunna Wildlife Park, Mole Creek (photo by Dan Fellow)

Tourism Tasmania: Photos of Wildlife

If you follow Tasmania Photos on Facebook, you’ve possibly been inspired to visit Trowunna Wildlife Park yourself. Great images do tend to have that effect on people. Maybe you can share your thoughts with us?

Trowunna Wildlife Park - Echidna

Trowunna Wildlife Park: Mole Creek (photo by Dan Fellow)

Trowunna Wildlife Park - Wombat

Wombat in Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

If you’re impressed by the work of Dan Fellow, you’re in luck. He is available for photography assignments, and you won’t find anyone more reliable or dedicated. You may even see your business feature here on Think Tasmania. Besides capturing images to showcase a business (like these from Trowunna Wildlife Park), you can also purchase individual shots from the Tasmania Photos collection. Call 0417 77 6566.

Trowunna Wildlife Park - Birds of Prey

Trowunna Wildlife Park: Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Trowunna Wildlife Park - Mole Creek

Tasmania: native animals (photo by Dan Fellow)

If these images have inspired you to visit, you’ll find Trowunna Wildlife Park at 1892 Mole Creek Road, Mole Creek Tasmania. You can phone (03) 6363 6162 for more information. They’re usually open every day and provide visitors with interactive tours. According to their website, they’ve been breeding Tasmanian Devils since 1985; and they say it’s the “best place to see Tasmanian Devils”.

Think Tasmania will be selling copies of Desktop Tasmania online. It’s a multimedia CD with a stunning collection of Tasmanian photos that retails for $19-95. If you’d like to see your business promoted (like Trowunna Wildlife Park), contact Think Tasmania today. We can visit you; talk advertising… or publish photos taken by Dan Fellow!

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Map: Trowunna Wildlife Park, Tasmania…

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