When we wrote about Pulpit Rock Lookout in New Norfolk, we promised a “part two” with details and photos of the day’s walk. And here they are! Introducing Tynwald Park, and the scenic Derwent Valley walking track.

Tynwald Park - Walking Track

New Norfolk walking track via Tynwald Park

Walking Track via Tynwald Park

If you’re not keen on walking, there’s plenty of other options: kick a ball, play cricket or enjoy a leisurely picnic in Tynwald Park itself. The expansive space also boasts an impressive bike track promoting road-safety awareness for the juniors, with stop lights and all sorts.

You can also make this walk longer or shorter than ours, by selecting various sections of track. We parked the car and started our trek on The Avenue near Willow Court’s Patchwork Cafe, and walked along Lachlan River (which is actually more creek-sized than anything).

Tynwald Park - Track

Walking track by Lachlan River

Tynwald Park - Lachlan River

Walking track crosses over Lachlan River

We passed a very impressive community garden along with oast house buildings hinting at the hop-growing heritage of the Derwent Valley region. We’d be interested to know what the buildings are used for, if anyone can enlighten us… please do!

Tynwald Park - Community Garden

Impressive New Norfolk community garden

Tynwald Park - Vegetable Garden

Fenced community vegetable garden: New Norfolk

Tynwald Park - New Norfolk

Buildings styled oast house fashion: New Norfolk

Tynwald Park - Derwent Valley

Hops are still grown: Derwent Valley region

Tynwald Park - Tasmania

What are these buildings? New Norfolk, Tasmania

Autumn in the Derwent Valley

The track was wide, mostly flat and suitable for walking dogs on a lead.

Tynwald Park - Walk with Dogs

Walk with your dog: New Norfolk

Tynwald Park - Parks and Gardens

Beautiful parks and gardens: New Norfolk

The Derwent Valley is well known for its awesome autumn colours, and Tynwald Park didn’t disappoint. We were a little late in the season for the best showing, with winter keen to take over the seasonal reins.

Tynwald Park - Autumn Colours

Famous autumn colours: Tynwald Park

Tynwald Park - Winter

Winter: lovely season, Tasmania’s Derwent Valley

We continued on the walking track exiting from the northern end of Tynwald Park, following the bend of the River Derwent.

The beautiful cliffs across the river make a gorgeous, scenic backdrop. Another spot for a picnic, perhaps?

Tynwald Park - Derwent River Cliffs

Beautiful cliffs: Derwent River

This walking track skirts the central township precinct of New Norfolk, but also provides a rural vista. We were quite taken by the sheep with black faces, but they barely acknowledged our presence!

Tynwald Park - Sheep

Placid sheep: New Norfolk

History, Antiques and Walking

Besides autumn colours, New Norfolk is also highly regarded as the place to go for antiques in Tasmania. That’s fitting really, because the town has an interesting history to share with visitors. We think New Norfolk is a great place for a day-trip, and a comfortable 40-minute drive from Hobart will have you on the doorstep. It’s one of many regions in Tasmania we love to visit, with lots of things to do, including walking and much more.

Tynwald Park - New Norfolk History

New Norfolk history: walking track

Tynwald Park - Walking Trail

Track to Tynwald Park: wide and mostly flat

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Map: Tynwald Park, New Norfolk

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