A dozen Ulverstone photos have just been posted on our Facebook page. Every week we feature five pages as a special theme. This week happens to be “Ulverstone” week in our social media world. We’re asking our followers to add their comments about each one so we can share the love about the north-west town.

Ulverstone Photos - Furner's Hotel

Ulverstone Photos – 1 (photo by Dan Fellow)

Ulverstone Photos: Facebook Campaign

If you’d like to make a contribution, but you abstain from the time-consuming monster that is Facebook, just leave a reply at the bottom of this article. Of course, you’re welcome to add your business name if you think it’s relevant. Who knows… one of our readers might be a customer looking for whatever it is you’re selling!

Why have we chosen Ulverstone photos specifically, I hear you ask? Mainly because we’ve had lots of positive feedback about the place following Michelle’s Ulverstone spotlight article. But also because we’ll be heading that way soon, and we want to pick as many brains as possible about the coastal community.

Ulverstone Photos - Shropshire Park

Ulverstone Photos – 2 (photo by Dan Fellow)

Great Original Idea: New Feature?

If this interactive article turns out to be one of our better ideas, we’ll feature other towns in a similar manner down the track. Of course, it all depends on you, the reader, and your reaction. No comments… no need for us to go to all this effort. Simple! If you have a burning wish to see your town or region featured in this way, just contact Think Tasmania.

But let’s just see how the Ulverstone photos perform. We have lots of ideas; but it turns out they’re not all as brilliant as we imagine. Go figure! Of course, if we see similar versions popping up all over the place, we’ll know we’re on an absolute winner! Imitation being the highest form of flattery and all that.

Ulverstone Gardens - ZigZag Gardens

Ulverstone Photos – 3

Ulverstone Photos: How to Contribute

I’ll give each of the Ulverstone photos a caption with a number, for you to refer to in your comments. If you’re responding, you might like to use a technique like this…

  • Photo 1 – The chicken schnitzel at the pub is the best in Tasmania from Bob (Bald Man’s Haircuts)
  • Photo 10 – My uncle was responsible for the design of the clock tower from Jenny (Hop Step & Jump Games)
  • Photo 4 – We noticed a stick hut on the east coast near Scamander from Milo (Cool House B&B)
Ulverstone Photos - Beach

Ulverstone Photos – 4

You might prefer to show off your own stunning Ulverstone photos. Just let us know if that’s the case. But right now we’re going to stop adding options to this plan and just add the promised dozen. Otherwise we’ll be overwhelmed with too much work. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ulverstone Photos - Three Sisters Nature Reserve

Ulverstone Photos – 5

Roger:  A grand old building built in the same style as so many others to be found around Oz. Roger Findlay is one of our regular team members.

Carol:  Built in 1903, and believe it or not, the underground cellar in this hotel was once used as a temporary morgue to accommodate a body! Carol is the owner of Haberle Photo Cards.

Ulverstone Photos - World Globe

Ulverstone Photos – 6 (photo by Dan Fellow)

Ulverstone Photos - Leven River Kayak

Ulverstone Photos – 7 (photo by Ulverstone River Retreat)

Ulverstone Photos - Golf Club

Ulverstone Photos – 8

Ulverstone Photos - Pedros Seafood Restaurant

Ulverstone Photos – 9 (photo by Dan Fellow)

Susan: will be there in just under 6 weeks! Can’t wait to try Pedros for lunch.

Roger: we always sit at the table three windows in on the left hand side. Roger Findlay is one of our regular team members.

Moonlight: we have enjoyed many a beautiful dinner at Pedro’s Restaurant ourselves and also recommend it to our guests at Moonlight Bay B&B Guest House. Delicious seafood, great views over the Leven river and really nice atmosphere. Very friendly staff and owner.

Ulverstone Photos - Clock Tower

Ulverstone Photos – 10 (photo by Dan Fellow)

Lynn: really like the gentle carillon clock that rings from here. Lynn is one of our guest authors: Novelty Mailboxes

Victor: hmmm..interesting clock structure. not sure to like it or not. Victor is the author of the terrific food and travel blog I Destination

Carol: Constructed as a memorial to those who served in World War 2, the memorial clock also incorporates the World War 1 memorial which stood on the same site. Designed and constructed by European migrants, the clock tower is unique in Australia. The construction incorporates features representing the three armed forces, RAAF, RAN, RAA, linked together by chains and surmounted by a traditional laurel wreath. Carol is the owner of Haberle Photo Cards

Prue: I love hearing the hourly vintage chimes of our beautiful old clock whilst working around the corner in our 100% Tasmanian handmade gallery Under The Oak, makes me feel like I’m somewhere in England.

Charles: We love this clock and its tower. In particular we love the look of the whole thing at certain angles when it looks as though the clock is offset from the centre of the top of the tower. A remarkable building. Just how lucky can Ulverstoners get?

Ulverstone Photos - Coast

Ulverstone Photos – 11 (photo by Dan Fellow)

Ulverstone Photos - Pioneer Museum

Ulverstone Photos – 12 (photo by Dan Fellow)

Karina: fantastic and interesting museum with loads of local history! Well done to the members of the community who put it all together and maintain it all so well. So valuable for the community! Thanks!

Wayne: They all great photos and this is one of the towns we will be visiting on our next holiday in Tasmania. (Wayne is one of our guest authors)

Bohemian Beauty: Happy Australia Day to Think Tasmania! You are doing a great job for all of us. Thank you! (Bohemian Beauty is one of the five pages featured during the Ulverstone theme week).

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