Can’t help but write good things about Ulverstone TasmaniaEvery time we visit, we start planning our return, and always wish we could stay longer. And now we’ve discovered Pedro’s seafood restaurant, we’ll definitely be back!!

Ulverstone Tasmania - Pedro's The Restaurant

Ulverstone Tasmania: Pedro’s The Restaurant

Ulverstone Tasmania: Stats

Officially, Ulverstone is Tasmania’s largest town (so less than a city) with about 10,000 residents. Part of the North West Coast tourism zone, Devonport lies about 20kms to the east, with the small coastal community of Turners Beach in between. The beaches and views out towards Bass Strait, where the Spirit of Tasmania ferries cross to and from Melbourne, are breathtaking.

If travelling west to the other northern port city of Burnie (about 35kms), take the scenic route via Penguin.

Ulverstone Tasmania - Holiday Travelling!

Pedal Buggies: Ulverstone Tasmania

So apart from the scenery, what’s so good about Ulverstone? Tasmania has lots of great regions and towns, you say! How about plenty of things to do for familiesParks and beaches; a water slide and pedal cars; and a free penguin encounter at Lillico Beach?

Ulverstone Tasmania - Water Slide

Water slide: Ulverstone Tasmania

Pedro’s Seafood Restaurant

Still want more? So did we, actually! We went to Pedro’s “The Restaurant” for lunch and had a thoroughly enjoyable outing. Without wanting to make you too jealous, the seafood at Pedro’s was pretty scrumptious.

Ulverstone Tasmania - Pedro's Calamari

Ulverstone: seafood, Pedro’s The Restaurant

At The Wharf in Ulverstone, Pedro’s Restaurant is perched over the edge of the Leven River. We watched boats bobbing on the incoming tide, and marvelled at the huge crustaceans mounted on the wall above the bar.

Ulverstone Tasmania - Crustaceans at Pedro's

Ulverstone Tasmania: Pedro’s The Restaurant

The dining room has a nautical theme, reinforcing the location and the seafood menu. Our waitress was lovely and happily accepted changes to the listed ingredients.

Ulverstone Tasmania - Pedro's Dining Room

Nautical dining room: Pedro’s Restaurant, Ulverstone

Pedro’s restaurant menu also has a good selection of non-seafood items. We tried a chilli chicken pasta, and it was delicious. Smooth, creamy and flavoursome; without being overbearingly hot.

Ulverstone Tasmania - Chilli Chicken Pasta

Not seafood: chilli chicken pasta

With Ulverstone being such a great coastal holiday town for families, it stands to reason that children are welcome at Pedro’s. There’s even a special menu for the under 12s. We couldn’t bring ourselves to order up a serve of Daisy the Cow, so Foghorn Leghorn was the go (aka chicken schnitzel).

Ulverstone Tasmania - Childrens Menu

Menu choices for children: Pedro’s Ulverstone

We should point out that the salad wasn’t pushed all the way to one side when the plate arrived at the table. But everyone knows salad greens will contaminate yummy food. Don’t they?

No such problems round the rest of the table. We enjoyed hearty serves of seafood (prawns, scallops, calamari, fish and chips) accompanied by some perfectly cooked chips. Our food selections came from the light lunch menu and the prices were reasonable.

Ulverstone Tasmania - Pedro's Seafood Lunch

Seafood selection: Pedro’s The Restaurant

Ulverstone Tasmania: The Treat

The one person choosing not to eat their salad, decided to indulge in a Tasmanian-made Valhalla  ice-cream cone from the take-away department as we left. It turned out to be the most enormous cone, stuffed with mounds of chocolate and jaffa ice-cream.

Ulverstone Tasmania - Valhalla Ice Cream

Tasmanian made Valhalla ice cream

Probably not ideal parenting: rewarding a child for refusing to eat salad. But it was a special treat. Just like the entire town of Ulverstone Tasmania, really!

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