We “needed” a place for dessert in Hobart and Urban Greek saved the day!

Urban Greek - Hobart Restaurant

Urban Greek: Restaurant: Hobart Tasmania

Urban Greek: Restaurant Perfection

We didn’t have a table reservation at Urban Greek, because it was a last-minute thing. We’d already eaten dinner at another restaurant, and then gone home. Then we decided dessert would be nice, instead of watching Saturday night AFL on TV.

Urban Greek - Dessert and Coffee

Dessert and coffee: Urban Greek, Hobart

So we lobbed into Murray Street, and the staff greeted us (as always) with a smile and exceptional, welcoming service. We could’ve eaten anything from the dessert menu, and next time we’re going to have the profiteroles again, for sure. We have tried them before!

Urban Greek - Chocolate Profiteroles

Chocolate profiteroles

Greek Dessert of the Day

On this particular occasion, we chose a dreamy chocolate and walnut cake, served with vanilla ice-cream. And coffee. The vanilla ice-cream was deliciously creamy, and the cake was spiked with some sort of alcoholic spirit, but not overpoweringly so.

Urban Greek - Dessert and Coffee in Hobart

Dessert and good coffee: Hobart Tasmania

We also had a deconstructed baklava number with pistachio gelato. The Urban Greek gelato is just so good, even as a scoop scenario alone. The bowls are cooled to ice-cream temperature, so the good stuff doesn’t melt at the table. How COOL is that? And the coffee, wow! Definitely the second-cup kind.

Urban Greek - Pistachio Gelato

Pistachio gelato

Think Tasmania: Social Media

We’ve told you about Urban Greek before, haven’t we? Or maybe we’ve only posted photos to our social media accounts? If so, we apologise. We know some Think Tasmania readers don’t use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and we get that. Social media is not for everyone.

Urban Greek - Chocolate Gelato

Chocolate gelato: Urban Greek

As you can see, we’ve sampled aplenty, but not JUST desserts. Believe us when we tell you… ALL the food from Urban Greek in Hobart is really good. Or better still, go there yourself and make up your own minds.

Urban Greek - Hobart Tasmania

Urban Greek

Urban Greek is located at 103 Murray Street near the State Library of Tasmania. Phone (03) 6109 4712 for details or follow Urban Greek on Facebook.

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Map: Urban Greek, Hobart Tasmania

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